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{waiting for baby…}

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Every night I go to bed thinking, maybe tomorrow the baby will be here… The last couple of days of the pregnancy have to be the worst, I am not a patient person and it seems all we are doing is wait wait wait…

Here is how we have been keeping ourselves busy – setting up and photographing the baby room. This was Baby N’s favorite mobile… I love how colorful it is!

My photography isn’t bad, but I have SO much to learn. I know  how I want my photos to look, but I need to learn how to change my camera’s settings to achieve the effect I want… I will probably get back into photography once the new baby is here- newborn photography is so much fun, toddler photography is just the opposite coz its impossible to get them to sit still!

While waiting for the baby to arrive, I got my quilt all finished and it is so very pretty. I can’t share it here with you yet, you will have to wait for that, but I will give you a hint of what it looks like,

I worked at a frantic speed to get this quilt done. I was up in the middle of the night at my sewing machine quite a few nights, and one night I actually thought I would sew myself into labor. My mom was very sweet and kept me company while I was up late. Since I had bought way too much fabric for the quilt, we used the leftovers to make a cute newborn baby dress. I used this pattern from Made by RAE (love her blog!) and cut the fabric, my mom hand stitched most of it, and I added the flouncy lace in the bottom. We both love how pretty the dress turned out to be! We are now thinking of making the toddler version of the dress for the big sister 🙂

Now we go back to waiting for the baby to arrive… Will keep you guys updated!


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  1. aww.. so cute n pretty
    cant wait fer the baby !
    all the best

  2. Well, I was thinking maybe you’d had the baby by now. You know it’s any minute now, though. Best wishes and I can’t wait to see news and photos of the little one!
    I just put up a couple of layouts on my blog of the first (in the delivery room) photos of my new granddaughter (born June 2). Hope you’re delivery is as fast and easy as my daughter’s!
    You certainly have been busy!!! Love all the stuff you’re making!

  3. All the very best Smita!!

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