{project life 2012: february… & a giveaway & a freebie too!}

Happy Valentine’s Day you all!!!

Long post ahead. Be warned. (Actually it isnt SUCH a long post, but it is really really late in the night/almost morning, so I feel it is longggg…..) But it will be worth your time coz I have goodies to share at the end! And if you are a Project lifer I have some cute printables for you to download as well!

This year I am doing Project life digitally. And monthly instead of weekly (you can read more about that in my first PL post here). I am scrapping ahead, and though this layout says february- it contains photos mainly from mid jan to mid feb. And I am OK with that. I am just super happy to be scrapping the NOW while it is still fresh in my mind.

What is best about Project life is that it is so adaptable, so flexible and so much fun! I love how freeformed the design is and how all the colors are chaotic, yet sing together :) Am very glad that I took on this project, and so far have been able to stay on track. Here is this month’s two page spread…

(click on image to see enlarged version)

This months layout is in a top ten format. Top ten lists about the girls and us with top ten photos to go with them :)

And a look at each page seperately, this one is my big girl Nidhi’s page…


and this one is my little baby Shreya’s page…


I used some of the new horizontal journaling cards (available at www.jessicasprague.com), they are super friendly to use. I also used the camera journaling cards by Splendid Fiins (linked in the supplies below)

And…. I made some of my own journaling cards. There was this 40 minute window I got today, while both the girls took a nap (which has not occured once in the past 4 months!), and I used it to play around in Photoshop, do some typography of my own :)

And so I have six 3 by 4 inch journaling cards, 3 horizontal and 3 vertical- a perfect addition for your this weeks Project life. Valentine day themed.

Click HERE to download the file. There is a .png file if you want to use it digitally and also printable versions.

Printing them is super easy and simple. Just feed a 8.5 by 11 inch white or cream cardstock into your printer instead of regular paper. I don’t change my printer settings, just hit print. The only drawback you will see is that the cardstock will absorb the ink a lot more than regular paper, so let it dry for an extra minute, just to be safe.

Download Valentine4PL

I am also join­ing in on the Project life Tues­day at The Mom Cre­ative! I love the energy they have here and I also love that it gives me a deadline. Since  my Project life is going to be monthly, I will be post­ing on the sec­ond Tues­day each month…

The Mom Creative

Oooh! I was about to say bye, completely forgetting about the I have planned. The scrapbooking industry has been so generous to me, and I have continuously received products from many many different sources, all delivered to my doorstep. So I feel its about time I give back, and do a of my own. Good Karma right?

Since its Valentine’s day, I have two LOVE-able stamp sets by Fiskars up for the grab. The Just Married and Lasting Love clear stamp sets.

Just leave a comment below  and I will mail out both of these stamp sets to one randomly drawn winner. You might want to like my Facebook page (I have another giveaway coming up soon, just for those fans!)

This giveaway will be open until next tuesday. Unfortunately, I can only mail these within Continental US. Not internationally.

Good luck and thanks for staying with me so long and hope you have a great Valentines day!!!

Supplies used:
Camera love 3by4 journaling cards: Splendid Fiins
List love journaling cards: Splendid Fiins
Horizontal journaling cards: Becky Higgins, Clementine Edition
Numbered Tickets: Erica Hernandez
Love+ Love journaling card:
Fonts: CK Ali hand, Helvetica LT, Georgia, American typewriter
Software: CS5

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