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{daily dozen: 12 on 12}

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Twelve photos from one day. I knew Monday was super busy here, so I documented my photos on Sunday itself. The weekends are more fun anyhow. I love love loved the film look that Carly gave all her photos (see them here on her blog The simple things), aren’t they amazing?

How to add film grain – that’s  going to be my fun learning project for this weekend! But for today’s 12 photos, I wanted to try something quick – so I made them look like posters… which lead to a 5 phone call, 30 minute discussion about digital posterizing with the husband, coz I liked these photos, but he wasn’t a big fan 😀

The morning starts with me baking chocolate chip cookies- using wheat flour and oats. yumm and healthier too…

learning to type/spell her name…

the great weather took us outdoors, 

walk around the lake, first beautiful day of spring, the whole town was out for a walk…

baby stayed cozy and happy in her stroller…

a loooooong pitstop at the park, swing swing swing, wheeeeeeeeee!

back home, some quiet time with crayons…

sneak behind mom to play with her cell phone…

cooking dinner…brussel sprouts with peppers…

little fingers eating cheerio…

bedtime story with dada…

(my photos for the 10 on 10{march} at thesimplethings blog and 12 on 12 at dear lizzy’s blog and the take twelve at ella’s publishing, Whew!)

Busy day out here, with me picking things off the floor and cleaning tables and trying to make the house look less lived in. How has your day been?

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  1. Fun Look at your day indeed! I also did 12 on 12 but haven’t uploaded them just yet. 🙂

  2. Aw, I love those chubby little baby legs!

  3. Tracie

    So glad you shared with us on POTD! Great pictures 🙂

  4. I just posted my 12 on 12 too. such a fun peek at a day in the life. 🙂

  5. The cookies look yummy!

  6. Great shots! Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love Penny

  7. Brenda

    Glad you joined us welcome. Nice look into your day.

  8. I love your photos! Thanks for participating in Ella’s Take Twelve project!

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