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Crochet caps: repurpose what you already have

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Something about winter (the cold obviously!) makes the crafter in me yearn to pull out my yarn and make something… Today, it’s these crochet caps.crochet_flowers_pink_Web

I haven’t really shared any yarn projects here on my blog, have I? Its not because I dont knit or crochet- I love knitting!!! I have been knitting since I was in school. I just have this tendency of not sticking with a project till the end. I have a box full of unfinished yarn projects. There is this one sweater that I started two years ago for the older girl, which would fit the younger one atleast if I completed it now. Its on my to do list. No 1 on my to do list.


I taught myself crochet after I got married- because I wanted to make beanies/caps for winter.The pattern I used for this one came from the Stitch n Bitch book. I found the pattern online for you here. This was supposed to be a beanie for my hubby. But I clearly got my gauge (size) wrong, coz it is teenie tiny. The girls found it the other day, and viola it fit the baby!


To make it pretty, as in fit a for little girl, I added a huge flower. The best part, is that I have a bunch of flowers my mom made last time she stayed here, and we just picked the ones we loved! It was a huge event for the girls- choosing which flowers and which buttons they wanted on their respective caps 🙂

The flower has a simple circle on top but the green flower beneath can be made like this. I have pinned a lot more Free crochet flower patterns onto my  yarnLOVE board on pinterest today. So much eye candy!

And here is another cap repurposed to fit my older girl,

The pattern for this one comes from here. I just used three colors of yarn instead of two. This was a cap that actually kinda fits me, but it fits her SO much better! It was instant love for her!


I just added the three tiered circle flower with a few buttons onto the cap. I also gave it a pink edge, to pull all the colors together.

I totally love how these caps turned out!!! And they fit right into my new year resolution of make more, buy less.


Linking this to The Train to Crazy’ Make it wear it Thursday
PS: Miss Owens, how is your knitting coming along?


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  1. These are precious, just like the wearer!

  2. Priya Venkat

    Smitha…..both caps are adorable!

    1. Smitha

      Thank you ladies!!

  3. Love these!! I’ll be featuring these Saturday!

  4. Priya Mohan

    Lovely caps..

  5. Miss Owens

    Oh, my super spicy cowl turned out exactly as I saw it in my head when I started.

    Now I have soft and squishy scarf cast on big needles to knit while watching movies. Me and the Mr got the flu for Christmas (not exactly on our wish list )so this scarf has a good amount time already devoted to it.

    I’m not a big fan of cold weather, but sure do like the hand knits . Your darling girls are perfect in your creations.

  6. The caps are darling! I love the flower you added.:)

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