On the first day of CHA, the most fun I had crafting was at the Bernat/Patons Booth.

They were making scarves and I chose my yarns to start mine. When I looked up next, I saw Vickie Howell! I really hadnt expected to see celebrities at the show and I might have had a goofy smile on my face while I said “I’ve seen you on TV! Remember that snow Knitty gritty?” (Of course she remembers it, she hosted it!). Anyhow, she was really really sweet, and she taught me how to arm knit.2014-01-11 10.56.23

Arm knitting is basically just like knitting, only you are using your arms here instead of knitting needles. The stitches are huge and that speeds up the knitting process. I think I made my scarf in under 10 minutes 🙂2014-01-11 10.49.19

On the last day of CHA, after the show had been called done, we all sat down with skeins and yarns and had some crafty time knitting up some scarves!yarnBack home,  my little girl adores her scarf! She has worn it everyday since I gave it to her. Handmade gifts are the best 🙂armknittingI think I know what I will be making with that hidden yarn stash of mine!

How have all of you been crafting lately?


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    very creative!

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