Easy DIY Wall Art: Heart on Canvas

DIY heart wall art tutorial

This is a an easy DIY Wall Art tutorial, a simple heart shape on a canvas. Fun, bright colors that would work well in a kids room, craft room or as a gift!


How to make itStep 1: Cover the entire canvas with the old paper using the gel medium as glue. Add some gesso over it to bring in some white color and fade out the text.

heart4Step 2: Rub some gelatos onto patterned papers to bring in depth to the color. I love the slight gradient/ombre look you get. If you haven’t used gelatos before, they go on like crayons and almost have the soft consistency of lipstick.

heart40Step 3: Free hand draw and cut out a heart shape from some scrap paper. Cut up the above patterned papers into random bits and adhere ontothe heart. Trim off the excess overhang around the heart and carefully adhere onto canvas using the gel medium.

heart99Step 4: Let the colored papers curl up a bit while you are adhering them. This adds some dimension and makes it look cute.

Cut_paperall doneTa- da! The canvas is all done and ready to be hung on your wall. This is a really easy DIY and one that you can most definitely make with kids. Let me know in the comments below if you do make something like this yourself 🙂

This painting hangs in my daughter’s room right now and I plan to share more of the artwork in their room in a blog post soon.  Stay tuned and have a Happy Monday!heart_canvasbook_paper_canvasgelato_heartFOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAMTWITTERFACEBOOKPINTEREST

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