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Crochet along afghan 2017: Block 1

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A Crochet along afghan 2017- where we crochet a block or two every month to have a finished handmade afghan by the end of 2017!

As a little girl, I grew up watching my mother crochet all the time. When I was a teenager she taught me how to crochet, and I learnt the basics pretty quickly, but have always been drawn more towards knitting than crochet. But after knitting quite a few blankets, I think it’s time to change things a little bit around here. I have been eyeing this Crochet along afghan 2017  for a few weeks now it’s time for something new!

This year I am playing along with the Moogly Crochet Along Afghan 2017 project and in this post I make Block 1 of 24

  • If this is the first time you are reading about the Moogly Crochet Along 2017, head HERE to the learn more and start from the beginning.
  • There are 24 blocks to be made all in all, and the pattern for each one of them is FREE and remains free forever.
  • I am using skeins of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn (not sponsored) and you can find the exact colors in the supplies listed below.
  • Each afghan square is designed to measure 12 by 12 inches in size, I’m using the recommended US-J, 6.0 mm hook.
  • The beauty of this afghan, you don’t have to crochet along, though for me that is part of the fun, you can start this afghan at any point and finish it at your speed.
  • Join in on the #MooglyCAL2017 social bandwagon – There is a Ravelry group for the CAL HERE, and a Facebook group HERE

This post is for Block 1.

Block 1 is a pattern by Julie Yeager called Fantastic! and the FREE PATTERN for it can be found HERE

I used 5 colors of yarn for this: A-white, B-green, C-pink and D-blue and I also added a lighter pink for a few rows (exact color numbers can be found below in the supplies)

Here is the Round by Round progress showing how this block came together.

crochet_invisible_circle Vannas_choice_yarn crochet_circle Moogly_CAL_2017 crochet_moogly_CAL


This block was fun to make! I haven’t crocheted in a few years now and I just picked up a hook and started this block. The pattern explains everything very nicely.

Crochet along afghan 2017



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