A behind the scenes look at my creative space

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Hello Friends! I am Smitha and today I am so excited to be sharing a behind the scenes look at my creative space.

smitha katti

Almost all the furniture in my Creative Space is white- this was a purposeful choice. After two kids with their toys all around the house, I gravitated to something simple and clean. White was the answer.

This desk area is where I do my hand lettering, my drawing, sketching and all of my video editing! This is where I choose my yarns, my fabrics and my pens. This is where I type up my blog posts, my social media posts and come up with ideas.

Smiling Colors Creative Space

Last year I decided to move my space out from the basement and into the sunlight. This was such a big change! The sunlight motivates and inspires me.

Almost all the furniture you see here came from Ikea, except for the chair. That was a garage sale find that I upcycled by painting it with chalk and gold paint.

Upcycle chair with chalk paint

I have a large canvas hanging above my table- this is a mixed media canvas I painted a few years ago and it is still my favorite of all times. I am a big believer of surrounding myself with bright colors and positive words.

My White Desk Organizer is so handy to store everything neatly. I love it! I love how inexpensive it was to buy! (got it from this website). I love buying small items for the kids from their website too. If you use this referral link of mine, we both get a discount ūüėČ

Mixed media painting

On my desk I also have 5 Ganesha sculptures playing musical instruments. I made these years ago from air dry clay, painted them with acrylic paints and gave them a clear coat of varnish. Any creative space of mine will always have Ganeshas ūüôā

Ganesha Smitha Katti






I bought the Alex drawers from Ikea and I cannot recommend them enough! They are shallow drawers and perfect for me to store all of my supplies.

Creative Space Ikea Table

The top drawers has all of my drawing pencils, erasers etc.

art supplies

Another drawer contains all of my sketchbooks. This has been so awesome to grab the book I need for the project when I need it.


In another drawer I have a pile of scrapbooking paper, clipboards and props I use to photograph my instragam photos. I also store all of my hand lettered quotes in here to be digitized at a later day.

creative space smitha katti

Another drawer has all of my camera supplies, chargers, camera card etc (this is the boring drawer)

The final drawer has my trimmer, some punches and all the watercolors.

Smiling Colors creative space

On the side, I have four inexpensive shelves with wire bins, and a couple of boxes.

The¬†wire bins store my yarn stash. I love having all the yarn colorfully arranged so. Easy to find what I want and the colors are easy to grab. I’m already knitting and crocheting so much more these days!

I also have my fabric stash out on display here. I haven’t used a lot of these fabrics in years and so I moved them out of their storage box and put them out in the open. I now reach for them more often and have already made something with them (check out that post here)

Creative Space

smitha yarn stash

I have a few things on display- pens stored in white ceramic mugs on top of a white cake stand and most of my knitting and crochet needles out in the open. I like having these on display, it’s easy to reach for and inspiring too.

pencil storage ideas

The pens of course are up for grabs by anyone in the house. And I share with everyone as long as they put them back after use ūüėČ

colored pencil storage

I also have a bunch of whimsical things that I really don’t use everyday, but are pretty and colorful and make me smile. Buttons, twine, wood crayons and wood print blocks.

smitha katti craft area

I love buttons and have found that this organizer is the perfect way to keep them all sorted and neat. The kids love collecting buttons as well and keep adding some into here as well. When things are easy to find I use them a lot more! I also store all of my embroidery floss so.

button storage

In the basement, I still have my studio lights and a table in the as a backup where I shoot my YouTube Videos on rainy gloomy days. I also have a lot of my craft supplies in plastic bins in the basement storage area, when I need something I go down and choose the item, use it and put it back. I found that having all my supplies in the open was overwhelming me and this system has been working great.

I also share more thoughts about my creative space on the Cut Out and Keep website today. It was so awesome to be featured there.

And that ends today’s tour of my creative space!¬†I’ve tried to leave links to things you see in today’s post below. Some of them are not links to the exact items but perfect matches. Affiliate links have been used, which means thatIf you purchase those items through my links, I may¬†earn a tiny commission that goes towards the running of this blog.¬†Please note that you¬†will not have to pay more when buying any products through an affiliate¬†link.

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