Tombow Blending pen Coloring Technique with Free Printable download

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I love hand drawn illustrations and today I am sharing how to color these in using the Tombow Blending pen. I also share 6 reasons why I love the Blending pen for my coloring.

I share a coloring process video today in which I color in this illustration using Dual Brush pens plus the Tombow Blending pen. I also show you how to color your own glitter gel and share more tips! If you are a visual learner like me, the video will do a much better explaining than what I can type here. To watch the video click the video box below or click here to head over to YouTube to see in it HD.

If you want to color along with me, scroll down to the bottom of this post to grab the FREE PRINTABLE of this ‘Do your own thing Flamingo’ illustration!

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Today I did an Instagram takeover of the Tombow USA channel and shared how I drew in this illustration. You can watch that short video here. To watch the coloring video with my voice over click the video box above of head to my YouTUBE channel. My drawing staples for today are the same as usual – a mixed media sketchbook, a 6H drawing pencil and the MONO Twin Permanent Marker. I always use this marker/pen to draw in my illustrations! Why you ask? Because after I draw the illustration (and take a high resolution scan to make the printable) I often color it in, in my sketchbook with watercolors, or pencils or like today with the Dual Brush pens. And if you are going to color in a handdrawn illustration always use an oil based black pen to draw.

Tombow N00 blending pen FREE PRINTABLE


Below is my colored in version of this illustration! This one makes me smile. I used the Tombow Blending Pen along with various colors from this Dual Brush Pen set to color this in. In my YouTube video I share the exact colors of the pens used and how I create this soft look and feel even though I use bright colors.

Flamingoes are still trending these days and make the perfect summer icon. I added a few tropical leaves, bright flowers and a pine apple!

tombow blending pen

And here is why I love using the Blending pen for my coloring:

  1. Create softer versions of any color: I use the blending color to lighten areas of color by dragging the color around. The Tombow N00 Blending pen smudges the color softly to create a lighter hues.
  2. Create new colors: Using the Blending pen and palette you can easily mix several hues together to create more variation and depth in your illustrations.
  3. Layer colors: You can layer colors onto your sketchbook itself easily with the Blending Pen.
  4. Create easy backgrounds- I use it to color in my backgrounds always! I generally choose a light color, add the color directly to the paper and then using the blending pen I pull the color around to create a soft cloudy look.
  5. Blend narrow tiny areas too- Don’t forget you can blend with the marker tip too! Not just the brush tip. I use the marker tip in today’s YouTube video to blend the black in the words to create a soft gray to black ombre gradient.
  6. Blend anything! I use the Blending pen to blend not only the Dual Brush pen colors, but also in my colored pencil colorings. It works like a charm. See an example here.

Remember, even though the tip will stain after use, that doesn’t affect its ability to blend. You just scribble on a waste piece of paper till the pen writes clear again and it is good to go. Again, I show this in the video.

I also love that this is an inexpensive tool that is easily replaceable. You can easily buy the blending kit with the blending palette included. If you don’t have a blending palette don’t worry- Use any slick surface like wax paper, a ziploc bag or an acrylic block instead.


Here is the FREE PRINTABLE Adult coloring page for you to download, print and enjoy. This is a perfect illustration for a Summer day! Grab a iced cold drink and sit down to color.

Click here to Download this Free ‘Do Your own Thing Flamingo’ Coloring Page


If you are a colorist, you might also enjoy a few of my previous hand drawn illustrations! Click below each image to download a high resolution version of the adult coloring page. 

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