Peacock coloring page & Tombow TwinTone Marker review

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Hello friends! Happy Friday! I have two NEW videos in this blog post, plus a review of the new TwinTone markers and a FREE Peacock coloring page download to share!

Instead of my usual flowers, I tried something new today and I kinda love this Peacock coloring page! I colored them in with a soft watercolor feel and as usual it turned out very colorful and bright which makes me happy 🙂


So today, I have not one, but two videos for you! The first one shows a closer look at the TwinTone Markers and I show how I used them in my doodling and coloring. The second video shows how I actually drew and hand lettered my Peacock coloring page illustration. This is a real time video which has not been sped up at all and you can see how slow I actually am at my lettering 😉


Here is a closer look at the supplies used in the video. All links are affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you use purchase anything I recommend here. This small amount helps run this blog, thank you!

I first used the MONO twin permanent marker to draw in my illustration and do my lettering. This pen is my all time favorite but the new MONO drawing pens are close second.

Peacock coloring page

Tombow USA just released two new sets of markers called the TwinTone Dual Tip Markers today!! Yay! More pens for this pen gal! There come in two sets, a Bright set and a Pastel set.  All these pretty colors make me so happy. Read more about the properties of the TwinTones here.



These TwinTone markers have two tips, a broader marker tip and a finer precise tip. The properties of these pens are very similar to the Dual brush pens that Tombow have- they have a water based ink as well. That means you can move the color pigment with water on your paper or a colorless blender. The marker tip is great to draw bold lines and finer tip is great for adding tiny details. This tip is can used for doodling and they actually dry quicker than a gel pen because the tip is so extra fine.

I used them in my coloring today, but I will be sharing a doodling video with them soon! But just look at those bright colors! I am so in love with this color palette 🙂


In case you wish to color in this same illustration, here is a free download of the Peacock coloring page for you.

Click here to download this Coloring Page 

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