Brush lettering papers that will easily improve your lettering

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What paper should I use while brush lettering? I get asked this question all the time so today I’ll share a few of my favorite brush lettering papers

So you just bought your first set of brush pens and are foraying into the word of brush lettering. The next question you have now is what are the right brush lettering papers you need to be using with your new pens? I’m listing my favorite sketchbooks below with reasons why I like them.

I started brush lettering over a year ago, and at first I really didn’t feel comfortable using a sketchbook for my lettering. Turns out the reason was I was using the wrong kind of sketchbook and my brush pens would not glide over them. Yes glide! When you use really smooth paper your brush pens move SO easily and I promise you, once you have lettered on a good smooth paper with your brush pens you will never look back! You will immediately be able to sense which papers are rough and which are smooth after that.

Here’s a fun brush lettering compilation video that I just uploaded to my YouTube Channel that you can check out here.

Below I answer a few of the most often asked questions about brush lettering. If you have any more questions leave me a comment below and I will try to answer those as well.

Which sketchbook are you using in this video?

In the video you see above, I use this Canson Mixed Media sketchbook. I have a smaller size book- 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and it comes with a spiral binding. I’m a sketchbook junkie and the spiral binding makes this the perfect sketchbook for me. Canson also has this Mixed Media sketchbook available in a variety of different sizes- and this sketchbook is easily available at my local Walmart and Michaels. One of the best brush lettering papers are the mixed media ones.

brush lettering papers canson

What is the best printer paper for brush lettering?

So when I started brush lettering I used to use my basic printer paper to practice my brush lettering. You know pages and pages of  your basic thick down strokes and thin upstrokes. I also wasn’t holding my brush pen at a correct angle. I soon realized that all of this was fraying the tips of my brush pen. So learn from my mistake here. Using a basic generic printer paper with your brush pens is a big NO NO.

Instead, you can easily buy reams of high quality paper to practice your lettering on that don’t cost a fortune. Like this HP Premium Choice Laserjet 32 lb paper. I always order these on Amazon but I have also seen them at my local Target.

Which is your favorite sketchbook to do lettering in?

Right now, my favorite of all brush lettering papers that wont fray your markers easily are these Rhodia pads. The paper in these are unbelievably smooth to the touch! I have the blank pad and the dot pad. The dot pad is really great to practice in while you are still figuring out the sizing of your lettering.

These Rhodia pads are a compact size, perfect to carry around to the park or on your road trip. You will have better luck buying these sketchbooks online, like on Amazon.

I also LOVE this Canson Marker pad (I highly recommend it!) and recently these Bee Paper marker pads caught my eye.

brush lettering papers rhodia

What hand lettering supplies would you recommend for beginners?

For a beginner just starting hand lettering I would recommend that you buy this set of 10 Dual Brush pens, a Fudenosuke brush pen, a marker paper pad of your choice and some tracing sheets.

Pick your least favorite color of the brush pens, and then start practicing. Over and over again. This pen will probably fray first while you learn how to hold the pen and letter that is why I recommend you start practicing with your least favorite color of the pack.

Please don’t expect your lettering to look perfect at first or in the first few weeks at all really. Expectations of perfection just bring frustrations. Practice and practice some more and don’t get daunted by all those awesome lettering posts + videos you see on Instagram. Those people have been doing lettering much longer than you have!

brush lettering papers

I love your lettering! Did you take a class?

No, I have not taken a class for lettering, I am self taught, learnt the hard way by making mistakes and watching YouTube videos 🙂

If I can do it, you can do it too.

brush lettering papers

Your videos are great. Could you tell me which pen you use for calligraphy?

Mostly, I use the Tombow Dual Brush pens in all of my colorful lettering. As a beginner I learnt most of the hand muscle movement using the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen with the Hard tip.  This pen was more easy to control as a beginner because of its smaller brush tip. Nowadays, I prefer the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen with Soft tip for my narrower smaller brush lettering because it gives much thicker downstrokes than the hard tip.

Where can I find some practice worksheets for brush lettering?

While I share a lot of FREE printable coloring pages on my blog, I do not have any Brush lettering practice sheets right now. But I can recommend some by other calligraphers that are awesome!

Few of my favorite printable practice sheets for brush lettering can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


So these are a few of my favorite brush lettering papers and some of my tips for using brush pens. Do you have any other brush lettering papers that are working best for you? Do share in the comments below!

Below, I have tried to make a compact list all of the supplies I mention throughout this post. Affiliate links have been used throughout this post. Which means that if you make a purchase I might earn a small commission.

brush lettering papers sketchbooks

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