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Watercoloring with Tombow markers Video

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Today I am sharing a favorite technique of mine- Watercoloring with Tombow markers!  I’ll walk you through the steps on how I created these watercolored flowers in my sketchbook

Tombow just released two new sets of their ever popular Dual Brush pens- a pastel and a galaxy set. Since I am on their design team I got my hands on them early and I did some quick hand lettering with each set to get a idea of how these colors go together. I personally love both these color sets- which is surprising since I am not such a pastel person 🙂

Now if you already own the set with all 96 colors, you are good. These pens are already part of the 96 colors, just being packaged as sets of 10 pens each. 

To do my watercoloring, I am using a a mixed media sketchbook, I also have my blending palette and a water mister. I have a round watercoloring brush. All supplies are shown below, using affiliate links. Which means if you purchase something using my link I might make a small amount money. You know, enough to go and buy myself a cup of coffee 🙂

I am using the Galaxy Dual brush pen set today. I am going to create a paint palette of sorts and to do that I am simply scribbling each color of the Dual brush pens onto the palette. If you don’t have this blending palette, you can use a sheet of wax paper, a painters palette pad, an acrylic stamp block or simply a laminated sheet of paper as well. You just want a slick surface that won’t absorb the pigment color. This Blending palette is really not expensive and easily available on the Tombow website and I always keep one with my pens

And this is how my finished watercolor sketch turned out. For me sitting down with my sketchbook is therapeutic really. When I feel like things are getting crazy with the kids, school, house and life in general, I like to steal 30 minutes to myself. Just me, my paint brush and colors is what I need to make me a better me I guess.

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