Doodling on a pumpkin with Tombow Marker
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Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover with How-To Video

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Hello friends! Today I have a new tutorial for you- Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover with How-To Video. This one is simple, quick, cheap and the results are so trendy!

This DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover was so such a fun process for me, and I love the clean and simple black and white look I was able to achieve. The pumpkins look like something you would find at trendy store.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover


Youtube Craft Video Tutorial

Click the video box below to watch the Easy Dollar Tree Pumpkin makeover video on YOUTUBE. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

supplies for arts and crafts

Here is what you will need- pumpkins to decorate. You can buy them at the super market, the craft store or like I did today at Dollar Tree. These are inexpensive and great for crafts! I also got a golden nailpolish at the dollar tree

dollar tree foam pumpkin decorating

Other than that we will need a few more items- some white acrylic paint, a foam brush and a black marker. If you are decorating a large pumpkin you would need a thicker marker.

art supplies

Craft Tutorial

First, we paint the pumpkins. I used acrylic paint and it took about 2 to 3 coats to get a uniform color application. I totally love how the white pumpkin looks, that in itself is such a great transformation. Onto the white painted pumpkin you can add a number of things and decorate it- think sequins, buttons, stickers or even those plastic googly eyes. I plan to use my black marker to decorate this, because I love drawing flowers 🙂

how to paint a pumpkin

Drawing and lettering on this foam pumpkin is very simple. The foam is firm yet soft and has a little give that allows the marker to move easily. I have tried lettering on a real pumpkin, and that surface is smooth and pen glides too quickly and it is a bit tougher to draw a smooth black line with your marker. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was to draw on the foam pumpkins!

no carve pumpkin decorating

The end result was much more than I had hoped for- those simple black flowers on the white pumpkin turned out neat. This was a fun project, took about an hour to make and since it is a no carve decoration there was no real mess.

Doodling on a pumpkin with Tombow Marker

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And another bonus? I can use and reuse this pumpkin for the next few years!

lettering onto a pumpkin

Today I’m part of the Spooktacular blog hop, we are all making Halloween crafts. I hope you guys join in too!

spooktacular crafts blog hop

Please join Barb Garrett of The Everyday Home and all of these other fabulous bloggers participating in this Dollar Store Halloween Crafts Blog Hop.

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  1. These are super cute! Visiting from the blog hop!

  2. Absolutely creative and darling. Perfect for Halloween.
    I love your informative video.
    Happy Halloween

  3. These are the best pumpkins. I love how you painted it white and drew on the design. It is so pretty.

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