brush lettering on black paper video tutorial and tips
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Brush lettering on black paper: what you need and an easy how to video

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Brush lettering on black paper with gold watercolors is easy and oh so pretty! I’m sharing a video tutorial today showing you 3 different examples plus tips and tricks on what works best for me and I think these will help you too.

While today’s video’s focus is mainly brush lettering on black paper, keep in mind that these same tricks work for watercolor brush lettering in general. The gold, silver and white watercolors I show can be used on any colored paper of your choice,  I just LOVE how these colors pop off of the black paper and am using that today.



Youtube Craft Video TutorialBelow is a new video in which you can watch me brush letter all 3 of these phrases! Watch the video by clicking on the video box below or head over to to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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supplies for arts and crafts

To truly enjoy your brush lettering you need to invest in three quality products- paper, paint brush and paint. We can call them the 3 P’s. If you skimp on the quality of any of these, you won’t get the results you are hoping for.brush lettering on black paper supplies needed

    • Paper: Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Paper is the most overlooked supply and a good paper can change your entire brush lettering experience. Learn more in my previous post  –> The right papers you need to be using for your brush lettering
    • Paint: Paint is like shoes really- I like to use different paints for different reasons. I love the Gansai Tambi watercolor, it’s a great quality product but it is huge in size and not easy to travel with. I use the Sakura Koi set while traveling because it is compact and has everything in that small little container. Both are great choices and I show both in action in my video.
    • Paint Brushes: You can do great brush lettering with any round brush really. What helps though are two things- 1. using a good quality brush that is made with good bristles. 2. a newer paint brush always works better. As you use a paint brush more and more the bristle tend to separate and then you wont get a nice thin upstroke. I’ve used all these brushes successfully and would recommend any- Winsor Newton Cotman, Royal Sable brush or the Derwent Waterbrushes.

tips and tricksbrush-lettering-on-black-paper-smitha-katti

      • Water down your paint quite a bit: with watercolor lettering you need your brush to be good and wet so that you are able to paint a complete downstroke of a letter. My trick is to pick up as much watery color as possible onto my brush just before each downstroke. This is not just for brush lettering on black paper but basically for any kind of watercolor lettering.

      • Try and try again: Try using different paintbrushes with different paints and different papers. Mix and match all the combinations till you find a set that works for your style of brush lettering. Make mistakes and then learn to correct them

      • Don’t paint your letters too fast- move your brush slower to achieve uniform color. Slow also helps keep your hand steady.
      • You can go back in and add more color to your downstroke area if you need to while the paint is still wet. Just drop or paint over your downstroke carefully and the paint will spread only on the wet areas. 

For the Let it snow example, I used the Winsor Newton Cotman Round 8 brush and the silver white paint from the Gansai Tambi Watercolor set. In the Stay cozy example, I used the Royal Sable Round 0 brush and the gold  paint from the Gansai Tambi Watercolor set. Finally in the Baby it’s cold outside example here, I used the white paint from the Sakura Koi watercolor set along with the waterbrush that is included with the set. You can click on each of the images below to get a closer look at the brush lettering on black paper.


brush lettering on black paper gansai tambi

brush lettering on black paper with gold watercolors


brush lettering on black paper sakura koi watercolors

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brush lettering on black paper

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