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NEW Tombow VIP club and 5 reasons why I think you will LOVE it

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I’ll be honest guys- this black friday has taught me two things: I’m a shopoholic and I can’t say NO to a good deal. And the Tombow VIP club is a really good deal.

Also- I LOVE getting boxes in the mail. I live in snowy Minnesota and for 6 months everyone is huddled indoors, so the if the bell rings, I know it’s UPS guy bringing something good for sure.

So when I say I think you will LOVE the new Tombow VIP club box, you might as well believe me.

Tombow VIP club unboxing

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You get something fun in the mail that is filled with awesome products. It’s a surprise that you get to open each and every month and who doesn’t enjoy opening a present?
2. Exclusive product guarantee- Each Tombow VIP club box will include ONE unique product that isn’t sold in the US and Canada regions otherwise.
3. Bang for the buck – You get great products at a great price! I show a price breakdown below. So you are basically saving a bit of money. 5.49+ 6.98+ 16.99+ 2.49- $32 it saves you money
4. Get to discover something new that is conveniently delivered to your front step with free shipping. I’m a sucker for free shipping.
5. Learn something new- and maybe explore new color palettes + stretch your creativity. Each box comes with a card showing you how you can use all of the products included in that month’s Tombow VIP club box together to create your artwork.

Also a few more things: These would make a great gift!! If you are holiday shopping for an artist/crafter/letterer in the family this would be the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

I  love that Tombow always offers quality product with great customer care. I have been on their design team for 2 years and I voluntarily signed up for year 3! I mean I couldn’t say yes fast enough when they asked if I wanted to stay on their team. It’s a great hard working company that respects artists.

Watch the Unboxing Video:

I just shared the unboxing of the December Tombow VIP Club box on my YouTube channel. Watch the video by clicking on the video box below or head over to to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

What’s included in this month’s box:

Here’s a quick list of everything that was included in this month’s box: No picture spoilers.

Dual Brush Pen Set 6 PrimaryMONO Sand and Rubber EraserFudenosuke Brush Twin Tip Black/GreyFudenosuke Brush Pen 2-Pack and the exclusive 12 MINI color pencils = easily totals up to over $40 worth of products.

And I LOVE the exclusive product they included in this months box!

To get the December box that I unboxed in the video- you need to sign up before December 15th 2017. That’s this Thursday. Here is the link that takes you directly to the VIP club page.

Project Ideas:

If you are getting the subscription box, here are a few of my previous posts that you might find useful:

*affiliate links have been used, which means that I get a small commission from your sale.

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