10 Fabric Stash Buster Ideas

Social Sharing ButtonsHere’s 10 Fabric Stash Buster Ideas with step by step tutorials to inspire you to create something from all of those little pieces of pretty fabric that we crafters tend to hoard collect. Fabric Stash Buster Ideas are my favorite type of projects to make! You already have the fabric needed on hand! […]


Quick Knit Scarf with Free Pattern

Social Sharing Buttons  A Quick Knit Scarf with Free Pattern Included that you can make within an hour! An easy handmade gift idea for the holiday season! Scroll to end of post to download a printable version of this Quick Knit Scarf It’s December and for us makers it’s the most wonderful time of the year isn’t […]

DIY peacock Costume Tutorial

DIY Peacock Costume Video Tutorial

Social Sharing Buttons A colorful video tutorial showing you how to make a DIY Peacock Costume with no sewing involved. If you can cut and glue this tutorial is for you. In case the video box isnt visible above, here is link to watch this video on youtube:  https://youtu.be/dHJoJSRmgFQ Back story: This daughter of mine […]

Felt Flowers

Social Sharing ButtonsTry your hand at making these special, unique flowers using a favorite supply of mine – Felt. These Felt flowers are perfect to decorate a book, journal or wreath. Or, like me you could turn them into pretty hair accessories that would delight any little girl!Felt Flowers are easy to make and the […]

DIY Summer Craft Projects Kids tote

DIY Summer Craft Projects

Social Sharing Buttons Summer is here and the sun is out shining and if you are looking for a few DIY Summer Craft Projects for yourself, here are four that I recently wrote for the Fiskars website- 1. An Easy, simple Pillowcase Dress for the little girl in your life. Find my tutorial here 2. […]

{Heart Appliqued Jacket}

Social Sharing Buttons Have you ever had an idea stuck in your head? An end result that you can visualize so crystal clearly that you can almost feel it? Yup, thats what this altered jacket was for me. I remember walking through Target one day, and seeing this plain grey jacket. All of sudden I […]