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DIY hand lettered wood sign with easy how to video

Social Sharing ButtonsHello friends! Today I’m lettering on wood, and you can easily recreate this DIY hand lettered wood sign in 4 quick steps. Video included! It’s the holiday season, the perfect time to make a DIY hand lettered wood sign to decorate your home. Or make a few extras to give as gifts. I have tips on how to …

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Do something amazing today Printable Download

Social Sharing ButtonsA FREE Do something amazing today Printable Download that you can print at home and use to spruce up your wall or workspace. Enjoy this Do something amazing today Printable Download and feel free to share it on social media with #smilingcolorsblog Pin these Hand Lettered Downloads here I love printing motivational phrases and decorating my walls with them. …

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Easy DIY Holiday Wall Decor

Social Sharing ButtonsCelebrate the Holiday season with this Easy DIY Holiday wall decor JOY sign that is simple to make, inexpensive and takes less than an hour to complete! A free printable and video tutorial included. It’s the season to be jolly, fa la la la la lalalala. I love the month of December, there is so much cheer and festivities, …

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Adult coloring pages, Art Techniques, DIY Crafts, Wall Art

Watercoloring Using Tombow Markers: Video Tutorial

Social Sharing ButtonsA How to video that shows watercoloring using tombow markers with just a few colors and no extra supplies needed! This week, I am coloring in an adult coloring page- with watercolors. I love the artsy look of watercolors and by watercoloring using tombow markers, I just need a few colors, a brush and some water. Watch the …

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Mixed Media Painting on Canvas: 3D Ganesha

Social Sharing ButtonsA Mixed Media painting on canvas in soothing blues and greens with touches of bright yellow. A 3D Ganesha that is modern and unique. The story of this painting:  Years ago, when I didn’t have the courage to call myself an artist, I drew a sketch for this particular painting. I could envision it on a canvas already but …

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Acrylic Painting on CanvasArt Techniques, Wall Art

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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An acrylic painting on canvas, with tones of yellow, pink, green and blue. A bit modern, a bit shiny with the gold leafing and oh so very very colorful.

yellowcanvasSo last week, I painted this canvas. It’s the biggest piece of art I have ever created. It is giganormous according to me. We bought the largest canvas that would fit in our car- which turned out to be 3 by 4 feet, thats 36 by 48 inches in size. Yup, it was a big canvas.

canvasartOur living room had a big bare wall and I wanted to bring in a splash of color to it. I knew I wanted tones of yellow, but the other colors I wasn’t so sure of. I spent many many undecided moments in the paint aisle of my local Michaels. Choosing my color palette was the hardest part of creating this painting for me.

artist_loft_paintsThe canvas sat in our living room for a few days, and then suddenly one night I decided I had paint it. So after dinner and the dishes were done, I cleared the kitchen table and painted till late late into night.

Acrylic_paintsI added big swirls of color, and then smaller details and then just kept mixing colors till my eyes could no longer be kept open.

goldleafThe next night, I couldn’t wait for the kids to fall asleep and went right back to painting the minute they did. I worked on the canvas for a few hours – adding a little green here, a little  more pink there and then finally the gold leafing. I went to bed that night with a big smile on my face, because I was pretty happy with the way the painting was looking.

wallartsmithaMorning came and I was still liking how everything on the canvas looked, so I decided to call it done. I cleaned out all my paints, washed my brushes and picked up my camera to take photos of it for the blog.

modernacrylicAnd that’s it, thats the story of my acrylic painting on canvas. It turned out to be pretty colorful, but I love it more for just that reason.

Here is a picture of me and my daughter (because she kept photo bombing my selfie, I decided I might as well have her pose too;) by the canvas, to give you a good idea of it’s size.

Happy Monday to you all!



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