Bulky knit blanket free pattern

Social Sharing ButtonsAn easy Bulky Knit Blanket Free Pattern that uses three strands of yarn held together to quickly knit up an afghan/blanket. Add this Bulky knit blanket free pattern to your Ravelry Queue I have been seeing these chunky big knits all over the internet but most of them require a nice thick merino wool […]


Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern

Social Sharing ButtonsI’m sharing a colorful Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern that is easy to make with an unique texture/stitch. For my Rainbow knit Blanket Pattern, I wanted a nice chunky blanket, that was quick to knit but yet had some kind of texture to it. With my previous Handknit Color Blocked Afghan, I had used a garter […]

Knit Multi Colored Blanket

Social Sharing ButtonsThis Knit Multi Colored Blanket is a simple yet beautiful pattern that will make a snuggly, colorful afghan. Scroll to end of post to download a printable version of this Knit Multi Colored Blanket Click/Tap here to favorite this project on Ravelry For this blanket I am using Bernat Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn. You will […]

Handmade Easy Chunky Knits

The HandKnit Color Blocked Afghan

Social Sharing ButtonsAn easy tutorial to make your own handmade knits. This modern Color Blocked Afghan Blanket Throw uses a simple garter stitch & is great for beginners! This afghan is comfy, chunky, colorful and it’s the right size for two people to cuddle in. This afghan (or is it blanket?) let me combine two of my […]