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Hand lettering on felt: DIY Reversible pillow

Social Sharing ButtonsHello friends! Today I have a video tutorial to share with you showing hand lettering on felt I created a fun holiday pillow that is reversible, it says JOY on one side and THANKFUL on the other side. Hand lettering on felt is a little different than lettering on paper, but the results are that much more amazing!! Watch …

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Mixed Media Ganesha Painting Timelapse

Social Sharing ButtonsHello Friends! Today I am sharing a new video- this one is a Mixed media Ganesha Painting Timelapse. Click the video box to watch or click here to watch it on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BgqcV1YZBE Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I have been painting Ganeshas (The elephant headed God) for years now (check out older posts here) but this time I …

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Mixed Media Painting on Canvas: 3D Ganesha

Social Sharing ButtonsA Mixed Media painting on canvas in soothing blues and greens with touches of bright yellow. A 3D Ganesha that is modern and unique. The story of this painting:  Years ago, when I didn’t have the courage to call myself an artist, I drew a sketch for this particular painting. I could envision it on a canvas already but …

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How to make a Rainbow costume: No sew Video

Social Sharing ButtonsLearn how to make a Rainbow Costume for your kid with this easy, no sew VIDEO tutorial. In case the video box isnt visible below, here is link to watch this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2NDSYkuLG0 You will need some basic supplies for this- cardboard for the base of the costume, fabric to cover it, some ribbon for the ties and …

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Acrylic Painting on CanvasArt Techniques, Wall Art

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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An acrylic painting on canvas, with tones of yellow, pink, green and blue. A bit modern, a bit shiny with the gold leafing and oh so very very colorful.

yellowcanvasSo last week, I painted this canvas. It’s the biggest piece of art I have ever created. It is giganormous according to me. We bought the largest canvas that would fit in our car- which turned out to be 3 by 4 feet, thats 36 by 48 inches in size. Yup, it was a big canvas.

canvasartOur living room had a big bare wall and I wanted to bring in a splash of color to it. I knew I wanted tones of yellow, but the other colors I wasn’t so sure of. I spent many many undecided moments in the paint aisle of my local Michaels. Choosing my color palette was the hardest part of creating this painting for me.

artist_loft_paintsThe canvas sat in our living room for a few days, and then suddenly one night I decided I had paint it. So after dinner and the dishes were done, I cleared the kitchen table and painted till late late into night.

Acrylic_paintsI added big swirls of color, and then smaller details and then just kept mixing colors till my eyes could no longer be kept open.

goldleafThe next night, I couldn’t wait for the kids to fall asleep and went right back to painting the minute they did. I worked on the canvas for a few hours – adding a little green here, a little  more pink there and then finally the gold leafing. I went to bed that night with a big smile on my face, because I was pretty happy with the way the painting was looking.

wallartsmithaMorning came and I was still liking how everything on the canvas looked, so I decided to call it done. I cleaned out all my paints, washed my brushes and picked up my camera to take photos of it for the blog.

modernacrylicAnd that’s it, thats the story of my acrylic painting on canvas. It turned out to be pretty colorful, but I love it more for just that reason.

Here is a picture of me and my daughter (because she kept photo bombing my selfie, I decided I might as well have her pose too;) by the canvas, to give you a good idea of it’s size.

Happy Monday to you all!



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Happy Colorful Mixed Media Canvas TutorialArt Techniques, DIY Crafts, Hand lettering, Wall Art

Happy Place: A mixed media tutorial

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Making a happy, unique, colorful canvas to brighten up your walls can be easy and simple. This Mixed Media Tutorial will walk you through the steps of this #diy mixed media painting. It’s time to get crafting!

Happy Colorful Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial

How to make it

Step1: Lightly draw out the words onto a canvas. I don’t prep my canvas in any way and like using a grey colored pencil  instead of a regular pencil.

happy3Step 2: Use acrylic/craft paints to fill in the area around the words. I’m using an inexpensive foam brush because it works really well and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up my brush later! This teal color- I’m slightly obsessed with it 🙂
happy4Step 3: Now comes the mixed media part! Add some random points of interest using stamps and inks. This stamp by Fiskars is my go to texture adding stamp because I love the script.

happy6Step 4: Cut into patterned papers to adhere around the canvas. Choose bright fun patterns that will add pops of color to your painting. Add stickers or anything you feel like at this point. Most of the paper supplies I used on this canvas came from a Studio Calico kit called Penny Arcade.
happy5Step 5: Time to color in your lettering. This is my favorite part and boy does this bring the canvas to life! Scribble in color using the Faber Castell Gelatos and then carefully spread the color using some gesso and a brush.happy7Step 6: I wanted to bring in some black onto the canvas, so I punched little hearts from this patterned paper using the Fiskars Teresa Collin heart punch.happy8Step 7: Punch scalloped circles from doilies using the Fiskars Teresa Collins Scallop Circled Punch . I love punching shapes from doilies, they always look so pretty! Scatter these punched shapes around the canvas and glue them down with gel medium.Happy9Step 8: Add doodling using a fine tip pen all over the canvas. This is how you add your own unique flair to your painting. My favorite pen for doing this is the Faber Castell Pitt Pens. Finish off your canvas by adding buttons to the painting.

all done
Ta da! This canvas is 16 by 20 inches in size and I had to photograph it outside to capture its true colors. Scroll down further to see how it looks in my craft room!


happy_canvashappyplaceThis canvas used to hang above my sewing machine for a while…

happy_sewBut then I found the perfect spot for it- on top of my Raskog cart (from ikea) right by all of my happy craft supplies 🙂



Craft Supplies

The beauty of a mixed media canvas is that you can use whatever supplies you have on hand and get creative with them. But for your reference, here is a list of things I am used


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