Coloring with Tombows Video

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A video tutorial that shows Coloring with Tombows on Adult Coloring Pages- where I use the Recycled Color Pencils and the Dual Brush PensColoring_with_Tombows

See my Coloring with Tombows by clicking the video box below or To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE


Before I start coloring with Tombows, let me talk about my drawing. I have a new sketchbook, this one is by Pentalic and it is great for my needs. The pages in the sketchbook are nice and bright and I am enjoying this sketchbook. One, it has a spiral binding, so I can easily have the book open. Two it is sized 8.5 by 11 inches not 9 by 12 inches, since I scan by drawings to be printables I find it easier to work with the 8.5 by 11 inch size.

While drawing my Adult coloring pages, I always start with a light pencil sketch. I like using an F or H pencil for this. I just got this new Tombow Mono Eraser-I never thought I would be writing about a eraser but this one is amazing!! I have already used up almost a third of the eraser- it is so easy to use and even the lightest touch will erase stuff away.

I also used the Tombow MonoTwin pen for the first time and it is really nice- and comes with two different tips.

Color pencils. I have been crushing on color pencils all my life and I feel like a little kid when I get a new set of colored pencils. This set is the Recycled colored pencils by Tombow and I talk about it in the video a bit more too.Tombow_Color_Pencils

To see the actual coloring process of the page- using the Recycled colored pencils and Dual Brush pens you have to go watch the video. There is no way I can express all those colors in words.


If you are interested in coloring this particular page for yourself, grab the printable below.
download here

Coloring with Tombows
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