Brush pen lettering VIDEO tutorial for quote and phrases

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I love positive quotes and today I am sharing a Brush pen lettering video tutorial that walks you through my process of brush lettering a group of words.

Today’s video’s focus is mainly on how to space your words for a longer quote while you are brush pen lettering. You can letter along with me while watching this video!! This is the first ever real time lettering video I have shared in which I give tips and explanations while lettering. I hope you find it helpful and are inspired to letter more quotes from now onwards!

brush pen lettering

Youtube Craft Video TutorialCome, letter along with me!

Below is a new video in which you can watch my brush pen lettering tutorial, where I letter my quote from start to finish. Watch the video by clicking on the video box below or head over to to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

disclaimer: affiliate links have been used. Which means that if you make a purchase I earn a small commission.

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Today’s post is part two of my Lettering basics series. It started last week with this post: Brush Lettering tutorial for beginners! Basic techniques video

Now we build further upon those basic lettering skills, and learn to write a quote or phrase in brush pen lettering. Here is the list of supplies I use the video today.

    • Paper: I use a heavy weight printer/copy paper on a clipboard- this one in particular. This is my go to paper while brush pen lettering. It it cheaper than a sketchbook, because you get so many sheets of paper in comparison. It has a smooth finish, so my brush pen tips are protected. But best of all, if I make a mistake, I can just crumple up the paper and toss it out of sight (which I don’t like to do in a sketchbook)
    • Pen: My go to choice of pens for brush pen lettering are always the Tombow Dual Brush pens. Today’s quote was almost entirely lettered with just one color pen. No 743.
    • Sketchbook: The sketchbook you see in my video, is an old one of mine by Pentallic that I absolutely love to use for my pen illustrations. But, for brush pen lettering, it is a bit too rough of a paper. I would recommend you try using this Mixed Media sketchbook or Marker pad instead.

tips and tricks

      • Go slow: Brush lettering always looks better when your upstrokes are as thin as they can possibly be. And to achieve those fancy thin upstrokes you need a steady slow hand. 

      • Stop often: Don’t feel harried or compelled to finish your entire quote from start to finish. In fact, sometimes you don’t even have to start brush pen lettering your quote from the top of the page. Start from the middle instead. I share a few such examples in my previous video + blog post Brush lettering papers that will easily improve your lettering
      • Don’t letter yourself into a corner: If that is happening, you will see it coming and so adjust your font size accordingly.

      • Add those flourishes: Flourishes don’t really come naturally to me. I tend to over think them a bit and always stick to the same style. But, every time I add a successful flourish, it not only makes me smile, it also adds so much more interest to my page. So, don’t be afraid to make your next ‘g’ or ‘y’ look extra fancy.  

Below you see the comparison of where I started and where I am today. I am a completely self taught artist, and really I began brush pen lettering because I LOVE writing down positive words and quotes. Making my words look prettier seemed like a great idea to me. Practice is the only way to get where you want. Brush pen lettering is all about learning to move your wrist the right way and getting comfortable with holding your brush pen. Invest in a set of good quality pens and a sketchbook and don’t look back. Just keep lettering.

brush pen lettering youtube video

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Ready to do more Brush pen Lettering?

Join my new Facebook Group! For my 2018 goal of #52quoteschallenge I have started a Facebook group. We all post our take on the weekly quote there and then encourage and support each other’s lettering progress. It’s a great little group, and I would love for you to join in too!

As always, you can see watch many more quotes  being lettered my be on my Instagram feed. I share posts a @theshinynest over there and make sure to check out the hashtags #theshinynestvideos and #smithaletters.

I’ll be back with my next video in this beginners series soon. We’ll talk all about blending colors while brush pen lettering. In the meantime, I’m headed to the Tombow Design team summit + Creativation in Phoenix, AZ this week! So excited!

Till I see you next, Happy Lettering!

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