Introducing my NEW Hand lettering class- Make your Lettering Golden

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I’ve got a new Hand lettering class up at Big Picture Classes today called Make your lettering Golden!

This is a self paced hand lettering class that you can start and stop as per your convenience and enjoy!




Make your Lettering Golden is now online at Big Picture Classes and it includes SIX start-to-finish projects with complete process videos and all of my tried tips and tricks!

Smitha Katti golden hand lettering

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The projects in this class are all about hand lettering meeting mixed media. I enjoyed putting this class together so much and I hope that you will enjoy it as well. And what’s not to love? All the lettering is in my favorite color – GOLD.


Smitha Katti gold lettering


Lesson Overview:

1. In the first lesson we use gilding flakes to create the softest looking gold letters. I use the Tonic Studios brand Gilding Flakes that come in gold, copper and even silver.

2. In the second lesson, we use a craft staple of every household. Glitter! I show you how to alter a journal and make it uniquely yours.


Smitha Katti Lettering with glitter

3. In the third lesson, we are exploring one of the most famous instagram tricks: Embossing your lettering! This is one of those wow techniques that is so much fun to watch come alive.


4. In the fourth lesson, this one is my favorite, we pull out our gold foil!! I show the heat transfer method and the non heat transfer method as well- so that you can use what works for you!

Smitha Katti hand lettering class

5. In the fifth lesson, we brush letter with gold paint. This is the prettiest way to add gold to your lettering and I can’t stop doing this! I love my Gansai Tambi Watercolor set for this method.


Smitha Katti lettering with paint

6. And the final lesson, it’s a nice twist and very relaxing technique for me- embroidering with gold floss.


Smitha Katti lettering with embroidery
This hand lettering class is filled with techniques and new ways to bring dimension to your letters. And not just dimension, your letters will sparkle, shine and glitter! Once you start, you will find it hard to stop- it’s so much fun and addictive.

So I hope you will come on over and join me in Make your Lettering Golden classroom HERE.

If you are new to Big Picture Classes, you can start your FREE 2 week trial period now and enjoy the class. While you are there, check out ALL of my classes and Enjoy!


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