Create a Blanket with Crochet Diamonds

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a Summer Stitch along and I learned something new- How to Crochet Diamonds! I’m so excited about how this project is turning out!! These crochet diamonds are so pretty to make and I can’t wait to finish it and join them into a blanket!

crochet diamonds

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The pattern I am following is called the “Study of Geometry” by The Crochet Crowd where the pattern is revealed a little bit every week. I love seeing how everyone is progressing and the yarn colors they choose in The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social Facebook group.


caron simply soft

The yarn I’m using for this blanket is all Caron Simply Soft with a no H Crochet Hook. Here is the color breakdown with links!

Crochet Diamonds:

The first week’s pattern was all about making the Crochet Diamonds. I have never done this before, and enjoyed the challenge of the new pattern! So much fun! The pattern is ranked easy, but I would say it’s in between easy and intermediate. I had to rip out a few stitches here and there because the stitch count wouldn’t add up. But once you get a hang of how the Crochet Diamond comes together it becomes a super satisfying project. 

A super handy diagram is included every week that explains the pattern visually!


The second-week pattern had us making the Crochet Diamonds larger in size. The rows got longer and took more time but were pretty easy to follow along. I love the different textures in the pattern! Here is a quick video!

crochet diamonds

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I was second-guessing my color choices for a bit till now, but now seeing all the Crochet Diamonds joined, I am loving this blanket colorway! 

crochet diamonds stitch along

I continued to focus on this blanket itself (and not start any more new projects!) and the next step was to crochet the half diamonds or triangles.

We went on a road trip at this point, and I carried the blanket with me and finished joining all the half diamonds into place! This part was not difficult at all, it was more challenging trying to carve out time to crochet!


On our 4 hour drive back home, I started the blanket border. The first row took forever to get correctly- lots of counting and recounting of stitches and I think there was a whopping 600 stitches that go around the blanket to make the border.

Adding a crochet border

And here it is all finished and done! The colors are my favorite part of this blanket- but also I love how the crochet diamonds form the center design of the blanket.

This is definitely an intermediate crocheter project, and for me, it was the right amount of challenge and ease. I thoroughly enjoyed this crochet-along and cant wait to join another one!

Crochet diamond blanket crochet


Crochet diamond blanket
crochet along blanket yarnspirations

I used the leftover yarn from this Crochet Diamond Blanket to make this Shell Stitch Crochet Beanie Pattern: Easy Colorful Design!

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