2 DIY Notebook cover ideas using simple paper craft supplies


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A video tutorial showing you how to make these DIY Easy Notebooks with a few composition books, scrapbooking papers, stickers and glue. These books are unique and special, perfect for school or as a gift!

I love having pretty notebooks on hand to jot down my thoughts, my ideas and my plans. I might not always find a pen in this house, but a pretty book I will have. In case the video box isnt visible above, here is link to watch this video on youtube in HD: https://youtu.be/15lXq4QvX0o


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The supplies you will need for this are: A composition book or notebook of any kind, some scrapbooking papers, letter stickers, white glue, a pair of scissors, a paper trimmer, a paintbrush and a shipping tag. I also used the “Week in the Life” scrapbooking kit by Ali Edwards here.

How to make it

  1. Trim your paper. For my book I trimmed one paper to measure 10 inches by 5 inches. I used this paper trimmer made by Fiskars and I love it because it can be folded for compact storage. I similarly trimmed another paper to be 10 inches by 4 inches. You want the papers to be just a little larger than the book front.
  2. Apply a generous layer of white glue onto the front of the book using a paint brush. For the outer edges of the book, use a piece of scrap paper beneath to protect the inside pages from the glue.
  3. Using the grid on your mat, align your book and place the two patterned papers that we trimmed and adhere- making them meet in a straight line. You want to make sure that the papers meet neatly and butt against each other and you can move the papers ever so slightly with gentle movements.
  4. Flip the book open and cut off the excess paper,  making a rough cut first. We want to let the glue dry a bit before making the final neat trim around the edges.
  5. Adhere the shipping tag with the same glue. Place and adhere a sticker onto the tag. Finish off the book front with some alphabet stickers to spell the word “note”
  6. After the glue has dried for about 5 mins, using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim off the paper overhang.
  7. Once everything has been trimmed, you might find that the corners aren’t glued down perfectly. Carefully lift and add a few more drops glue beneath.
  8. Also add some glue on top of the alphabet stickers. One of my biggest pet peeves is stickers falling off of a project. So I always make sure to add some extra glue or mod podge on top to secure them in place.
  9. Let it dry and your cute notebook is ready for your notes!

note book school

For the second DIY easy Notebook, I repeated the exact same process. For this book I actually used the papers and stickers left over from a scrapbooking kit I had bought recently called ” a week in the life” by Ali Edwards. I loved the colors and patterns of this kit – I am a big ampersand fan so I had to use this paper somewhere.

Ali edwards week in the life

all done

And there you have it- an easy method to alter your notebook fronts using scrapbooking papers, glue and stickers. You can personalize these books with you favorite colors, name or anything you fancy. These make the perfect gift for a friend or simply make a unique notebook for yourself to enjoy.

DIY Easy notebooks

note choose happiness

handwritingIf you liked these DIY Notebook cover ideas, stay tuned, I have a few more book tutorials up my sleeve and I will be sharing them here soon.

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