It’s back to school time and nothing makes me smile wider than brand new school supplies. Today I’m altering a notebook with a duck tape book cover.


I <3 office supplies. I hoard tiny notebooks, glue bottles and pens. There, I said it out loud. #confession

Duck tape book cover

Today I’m showing you a quick way to alter/personalize your notebook using some Duck Tape and patterned paper. BTW, did you know that Duck sells their famous Tape in a sheet format? How cool is that, right?

Using the Fuse Creativity System and the Medium Design set Hexagon die, die cut silver duck tape sheets.


You can easily cut up to 4 hexagons from each sheet.

Cut into the hexagon die cut duck tape sheet using the Fiskars Duck scissors as seen to make 6 triangles. These scissors are non stick and work amazingly with the Duck Tape.


Next, cover front of the book with patterned paper. Adhere the triangles onto the notebook front. 

Duck tape book cover

Trim excess off with the Fiskars Duck scissors and your handy little notebook is ready!

Supplies used:

Patterned paper, duck tape sheets, notebook, stickers and glue.

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