Haveli Painting: My First Art Exhibit

This Haveli Painting is an intricate acrylic on wood art with 3D relief work. The dimension of the door and jewelry is made using chalk and glue.

I started creating Indian Paintings while I was in college, but never really shared it with the world. The “Haveli-a window into the courtyard” was my first painting to be exhibited in a gallery!

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Haveli painting

This Haveli Painting was selected to be a part of the Burnsville Performing Art Centers International festival  “Cultural Perspectives: My Home, Your Home, Our Home!”. This was on display in their gallery from June 17 to July 31st, 2010.

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This Haveli Painting is an acrylic painting on wood, measuring 12″ by 24″.

This is a representation of a courtyard in a mansion or a palace with people wearing the traditional Rajasthani attire- Women wearing a dupatta (scarf) over their head and men wearing Turbans (a headgear). I absolutely love the shapes and intricacy of the jewelry and door in this painting.

While molding these shapes I am instantly reminded of home, and drawn back to its comforting memories and the lingering aroma of spices. Every sari in India has these vibrant colors, and they are rich in details and designs – which is what I have tried to portray in this painting.

The International Festival was an awesome experience for me personally! There was music, food, and activities from so many cultures and the event was colorful and vibrant, full of music. And I took hundreds of photographs of the event and enjoyed the ambience.

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Hi I’m Smitha! I live in Minnesota with my husband and two daughters. You’ll always find me painting florals in my sketchbook. And I love the sheer joy of making something with just my hands! But my bigger love is capturing it all on camera Read more.

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