How To Draw A Mermaid Simple Step By Step

Here is an easy step by step tutorial showing you How To Draw A Mermaid Simple with just a pen in your sketchbooks.

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How To Draw A Mermaid Simple smiling colors

How to draw a mermaid simple step by step

  1. Let’s start by drawing the head. Draw a circle shape for the head, but make the chin a bit pointy. Add long wavy hair- kind of like octopus hands. Add a tiny bow onto the hair.
  2. Draw more wavy hair sections onto the other side of the face. You could also add ears onto the sides of the face at this point, I’m pretending that all that hair hides the ears here. Add simple facial features- two curves for the eyebrows, two opposite curves for the closed eyelids, a small nose and a mouth.
  3. For the body, start by adding a neck and then curving it out into shoulders and sides of the arm. Add chest and and two lines to start the belly area.
  4. Finish off with a curved mermaid tail. Add fins and rows of tiny U shapes as scales. Add a small belt detail if desired.
How to draw a mermaid simple step by step

And that is how to draw a mermaid simple step by step. I went ahead and colored it in and added more under the sea details around it. As always, I finished off the page with a Positive quote

How To Draw A Mermaid Simple smiling colors

I hope you enjoyed today’s how to draw a mermaid simple tutorial friends and if you create something inspired by this I would love to see it!

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