5 Ways How to Store Tombow Markers

Today I’m sharing 5 Ways How to Store Tombow Markers. All of these 5 ways have worked me very well at different stages of my life and I am sure you will find something to suit you too.

I love my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Tombow ABT Pros. And since I was on their design team, I have the entire collection. The rainbow of markers makes me so happy and I love arranging them out in the open so I can easily see them and use them more. Now let me share with you how to store tombow markers.

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How do you store Tombow Markers?

While storing Alcohol Markers, you must ALWAYS store them horizontally. This ensures that the ink remains evenly distributed in the marker barrel.

While storing Watercolor Markers, you have the option of storing them either horizontally or vertically. Both work, but to prolong the marker life, storing them horizontally is a better idea.

Make sure you always store your markers away from sunlight!

how to store markers and pens

1. Make your own Organizer

An easy way to customize your marker display, is to make your own DIY Marker Organizer using a cardboard box. This was a super fun project, and I love how neat it turned out!

diy marker organizer smitha katti

2. Desktop Marker Organizer with Pull Out Trays

I love having all of my pens out in rainbow order on my desk for easy access. A Desktop Marker Organizer will make sure your pens are visible, easy to grab and inspiring to work with.

This new sleek design easily fits 108 pens and adds such a clean design factor to pen storage.

3. Rollup Marker Case:

This Rollup Marker Case is so handy! You can buy a similar one here. I love that I can see all of my marker colors at a glance and it’s perfect to carry along when you are traveling! This is my most used way to store markers.

tombow vip box new dual brush pen colors

4. Zippered Marker Storage Case:

If you are looking to organize more than 10 markers, a zippered case is a neat option. It can hold markers, pens, and pencils. Also has a zippered mesh pouch to hold accessories. Get a closer look this case in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us7czkvaAMI&t=4s

5. Accordian Marker Case

Try this Accordian Case that can be unfolded for desk use or add the lid with carrying handle that snaps on top! Holds 108 markers.

best way to store markers

Depending on how many markers you own, the best way to store markers is what works best for you and your budget. You can simply pop. your pens into an old coffee mug and call if good, or you might splurge learn how to store markers and pens your way. My hope with this post is that you might find any of these 5 Ways How to Store Tombow Markers perfect for you or seeing what worked for me might spark an idea on how you can store your pens and markers too!

Happy Crafting!

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