Introducing the Tombow ABT Pro marker

I’m so excited to be introducing the Tombow ABT Pro alcohol marker to you guys. This is a sleek marker that has alcohol based ink that comes in a grey barrel marker form. There are so many techniques that are waiting to be tried!

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What is the Tombow ABT Pro?

The Tombow ABT pro is an alcohol-based marker and it comes with the same level of quality that you would expect from Tombow. And they are being sold at a much better price point than many alcohol markers out there in the market. So I am excited to start creating with these. 

As an artist, I have never used alcohol markers before. I found that the Tombow ABT Pro colors very easily, with a beautiful rich color.

tombow abt pros

What is the difference between the Tombow ABT Pro and the Tombow Dual Brush Pen?

A few illustrations I created:

In this video of mine, I show the start to finish process of creating a floral illustration using alcohol markers. I use a simple flicking motion that is easy to master to feather my colors quickly.


Here are the exact color numbers I used to create the above floral illustration

This next maple leaf illustration was inspired to me by everything that is October- the autumn leaves, the cooler air and the beauty of a maple leaf.

tombow color palette fall

Here are the exact color numbers I used to create the leaf illustration see above.

Advantages of Tombow ABT PRO

  • These markers will color a large area very very evenly compared to the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.
  • Paper does not pill EVER no matter how many colors you layer
  • Colors can be overlapped and layered but will never blend. You can create fun patterns because of this.
  • Markers can be used on not just paper, but also other surfaces like wood, metal, and fabric.
  • Can use Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to be a blending solution of sorts

Tips for using Alcohol Markers:

  • Always store these markers horizontally only. NEVER upright.
  • Use these markers in a well-ventilated area.
  • Click caps back on securely to avoid drying.
  • Stay away from watercolor paper while using these markers. The thicker paper will just suck up all the ink.
  • For larger area coverage, apply color onto the paper using the chisel tip.
  • The marker color does bleed through most papers. Keep this in mind while using these markers in your sketchbooks or bullet journals.
  • The colorless marker does not “blend” colors. It actually pushes color away and creates a lighter shade in its place.
  • Be patient. The color smoothes as the alcohol evaporates and the paper dries to the touch.


Below is a list of questions that popped in my mind when I was first introduced to the Tombow ABT Pros. I’ll keep adding more to this as and when I have new information.

  • How many colors are there? There are a total of 108 colors. Yes, the same as the Tombow Dual brush pen except 18 colors are unique.
  • What is the best paper to use with these markers? Bright white papers that are not too absorbent. I’d recommend a smooth mixed media paper sketchbook or a marker pad.
  • Are these markers refillable? No.
  • Are these markers lightfast? Not tested yet.
  • Are the nibs replaceable? No
  • What ink should I use to stamp images that I plan to color with alcohol markers? The Tsukineko Memento Inkpad in Tuxedo Black is a great choice!
  • What can I use these markers for? They work great in colorful illustrations, portraits, fashion designs and cardmaking
  • Where can I buy the Tombow ABT Pros? Right now, the only way you can get these in the USA is here.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about the Tombow ABT Pro leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer them right away for you. 

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  1. How well do the Tombow ABT PRO alcohol markers work for coloring & drawing on fabrics or cotton tshirts? Does the fabric need to be heat set (ironed) for the ink to become permanent? Is the colored design on fabric also washable & dryable?

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