Simple Knit Striped Scarf Pattern Using Paintbox Yarn

This simple Knit Striped Scarf Pattern is a classic design that uses 2 strands of Paintbox yarn and a large needle. This works up quickly and makes a soft chunky scarf that is squishy and great to wear!

I love making scarfs like these Quick Knit Scarf, Brioche stitch scarf, and One Skein Crochet Scarf. Today I am sharing a Striped scarf pattern that is easily customizable! I chose neutral cream and black yarns for my stripes here but added a pop of color with my tassels!

This post was created in collaboration with Love Crafts. I was provided with yarn and chose the Simply Chunky yarns and went on to design this easy striped scarf pattern for myself.

paintbox yarn smitha katti

To create this scarf, all you need to know is the basic Knit stitch. We repeat rows upon rows of the knitting to create a Garter Stitch scarf. There are no tedious pattern instructions to follow for this scarf. Just cast on your stitches and start knitting!

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Paintbox Yarn Colors:

The colors used in this scarf are all Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky in Mustard Yellow (323), Bubblegum Pink (350), Vanilla Cream (307), and Granite Grey (306)

For this Striped Scarf Pattern, I used two skeins each of the Cream and Grey colors. For the fringes, I used just a bit out of each skein of the Yellow and Pink.



Using a Size 19 (15mm) pair of straight knitting needles, cast on 12 stitches with two strands of yarn held together. Learn more about Knitting With Multiple Strands Of Yarn Easily


To add a pop of color I used one strand of yellow with a strand of pink held together to cast on my stitches here. This creates a fun mix of color and is totally unnecessary other than that it makes me smile. So you can easily just hold two strands of the white/cream yarn here and cast on your stitches as well.


After casting on, I changed to the cream-colored yarn- again two strands of cream yarn held together. Knitting with two strands of yarn held together just creates a bulkier fabric that is quicker to knit.

The pattern is really simple: Knit two rows with the cream-colored yarn and then Knit two rows with the black colored yarn. Repeat till the end.

This is the perfect scarf to work on while watching TV or while in the car! My happy place -Netflix, PJs, and knitting. And maybe a cocktail on the side 😉

striped scarf knitting pattern

Cast off when your scarf reaches the length you like. Standard scarves measure about 60 inches – I knit mine till it reached about 70 inches long.

Remember to cast off using the pink/yellow yarn combo if that is how you cast on in the beginning.

striped scarf knitting pattern

Add contrasting color tassels to either side of the scarf, since the scarf itself is very neutral in color and can use a color pop.


And my scarf is all done! This one took me about 3 days to knit, with weekend activities and all. A scarf is a great portable project that can be carried around in the car to keep your hands busy.


The garter stitch creates a nice ridge that makes for the simplest textured fabric. I love knitting simple scarves that have just a pop of color- choosing the color combinations for each project is my favorite part!

When knitting stripes How do you carry yarn up?

Since this is a skinny striped scarf pattern, you can (and I did) carry the yarns instead of trimming them each time. Watch the video below.


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