Easy Soap Making Kits For Beginners To Try!

Curious to learn more about making homemade soap? Today I am trying out two Soap Making Kits For Beginners that are affordable and super fun to create with. I made these soaps with my two tween daughters and it was a hit!

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easy soap making kits for beginners to try

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soap kits for beginners

We bought these two soap kits for beginners- Creative You D.I.Y. Multicolor Citrus Sunrise Soap Bars and Creative You D.I.Y. Mint Bliss Soap Bars.

soap making kits walmart

The Citrus Sunrise Soap Bar Kit came with 5 white soap bars, 2 soap molds, 2 essential oil droppers, 3 mica powders, mixing stick, easy-to-follow instructions. Everything you need to make your soap is included! There are two fragrances that are unique and beautiful.

everything you need for soap making at home

The Mint Bliss Soap Kit included Spearmint and Peppermint fragrances that were so unique! Also included were 3 Soap Cubes, 2 Mica Powders in Gold and Teal Colors,1 Soap Mold, 1 Wooden Stick, 1 Instruction Sheet

soap making shimmer

How to Make Soap At Home Step By step:

1. Place your soap bars into heat safe bowls:

Choose 3 different heat safe bowls for three different colors. Place one bar of soap into each bowl to begin.

soap melting at home

2. Melt the soaps

Microwave each bowl in 30 second intervals and stir with the wooden popsicle stick included.

easy soap making kits for beginners to try

3. Add the Mica Powder to the melted soap

Sprinkle a different mica powder color into each color and stir till the color is distributed evenly.

soap kits for beginners

4. Add Essential Oil Fragrances

Into each colored melted soap bowl, add a few drops of the fragrances included. The kit has two complimentary scents- grapefruit and bergamot.

soap making at home

5. Pour melted soaps into the mold

Slowly pour each color into the mold. This is called the melt and pour method. The soap will start to harden quickly, so you might need to remelt the soap if needed.

soap kit for teens

6. Let the soap set for a few hours

Gently swirl and mix the soap colors and then let the soap set. Each soap will take a few hours to harden. Once the soap has set nicely, you will be able to easily pop it out of the mold.

melt and pour soap kit

7. Melt, Pour and Repeat

Since there are only two molds included in the kit, you will need to wait to make more soap bars. Once the first two soap bars have set, melt, pour and repeat till you use up all of the soap included. We were able to make 3 soaps from this kit and loved the pink and yellow colors.

diy soapmaking kit

We tried two soap kits for beginners, and there were two different kinds of soap bars- opaque and clear. Each of these soaps show the mica color powder differently and it is so much fun experimenting.

creative you soap making kit

Here are few other Soap Kits for beginners that are available at Walmart that look like so much fun!

Soap Making Kits For Beginners

Making soap at home is something I have wanted to try for a while now, but was not sure what all ingredients and supplies I would need. Using a soap kits for beginners was a great way to try out the soap making craft, and learn how it works. This melt and pour method is so easy and there are so many different ways to personalize the soap you make with the mica powder colors and fragrances.

If are looking for a simple and satisfying craft to try this summer, I would highly recommend a Soap Making Kits For Beginners!

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  1. This is a great post! I bought a soap-making kit for the girl I babysit. She just turned 9 and she loves crafting.

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