Tombow Galaxy Palette: 5 colorful ideas to use your set of pens

Sharing many ways to use your Tombow Galaxy Palette. This set comes with 9 Dual Brush pens that make a perfect galaxy!


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Tombow Galaxy Palette Inspiration/ Ideas:

  1. Pull out each marker from the pack and letter a quote!
tombow galaxy palette

2. In this second example here, I created an art journal page in my sketchbook!


Watch the video tutorial for this Art journal page on Youtube!

3. Create a set of bookmarks, no skill required Rubbing alcohol art pieces. Get to do some watercoloring and simply drop in the rubbing alcohol to make magic. I promise you, this is SO much fun!

watercolor and rubbing alcohol

Watercolor and rubbing alcohol VIDEO! you can watch by clicking here or in the video box below

4. Create a heart shaped quote!


5. Create a colorful art page!

Start by painting in hearts or any shape with your watercolors. Then drop in small droplets of the rubbing alcohol. It’s as easy as that.


The bookmarks are my favorite! Which one of these Tombow Galaxy Palette projects inspired you today?

diy-bookmarks-watercolor-techniques rubbing alcohol art

Supplies USED:

  1. THICK PAPER: I used my Mixed media sketchbook to illustrate in and for the bookmarks, I used a good 140lb heavy watercolor paper
  2. WATERCOLORS: Any watercolor set you own will work. Today I am using the Tombow Galaxy Dual brush pens which are water-based markers and great to watercolor with. I like that the colors in this set are all chosen to coordinate with each other.
  3. RUBBING ALCOHOL: I reached for rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol that I had in my medicine cabinet. This is easily available in grocery stores too.
  4. PAINTBRUSH: You will need a good paintbrush (I used a Round no 8 one) and an old scruffy paintbrush to dip in the alcohol.
  5. MISC: Other items like stencils, cotton swabs, or an old toothbrush will come in handy.
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  1. Excellent fun…like that you are sharing ways in which we can use products without buying MORE. !!!!

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