As a yarn lover, I find myself always saving little oddballs of left over yarn. If you are like me, I’m sure you have a bin full of such yarn. Today I’m sharing a few simple Yarn Scrap Projects to use up those leftover yarn!



yarn scrap projects

This Crochet Beanie Pattern uses up multiple yarn scraps to create this colorful striped wearable.

I always get asked if I made this hat when I wear it 🙂

This Crochet Flower and Leaves pattern uses extremely little yarn and the flowers turn out so cute! These flowers would look so pretty on a head band or cardigan!

crochet flower how to
crochet coasters

This Crochet coaster pattern is super simple, and the results can be as colorful or neutral as you like! I love having a stack of these coasters on my desk at all times.

This cute and super handy crocheted sunglass case is a much requested pattern in our family. Everyone loves having their own special case!

crocheted sunglass case
Easy baby blanket pattern

Cast on 56 stitches onto Circular knitting needles Size 17 US . Work in stockinette stitch till 36 inches long. To help the blanket stay flat, crochet a single crochet border using a Crochet hook Size N US (or 9mm).

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What are your go to Yarn Scrap Project Patterns?

smitha katti chunky knit blanket pattern

Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

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  1. Thanks for the pattern. Seems super easy and looks really nice too. I will have to give this a try.

  2. Very nice. The edging was a great touch to flatten it out per your comment. Thank you for the demo!

  3. Ok I’m kinda new to knitting and LOVE this blanket!! I was wondering how would you go about making this larger in size?? Thanks!!

  4. I am new to knitting and have never heard “knot the first stitch of each and every row”. Could you explain please and give directions. Thanks!

  5. I bought some yarn to crochet a baby blanket but would love to try this to practice my knitting. I don’t have circular needles, and the largest needle I have are 15 US 14″. I have 5 skeins of red heart cutie pie DK weight yarn. Would that be enough to complete this?

    • A smaller needle would work, but I am not sure how much yarn you would need. It would depend on your gauge and whether you are knitting one strand or double strand

  6. Doesn’t mixing wool with acrylic make it hard to wash? Is there a secret i don’t know about that?

  7. Stash busting blanket is a swell idea! I will have enough stash in a bit as I’m doing several projects (scheduled) to prepare for holiday bazaar season. I’m trying to reduce volume of leftovers.

  8. Thank you so much!
    I’m a beginner. I ‘inherited’ a huge stash of unused & left over yarn…and I then continued to collect more thats been mounting in the corner of my craft room…with the intention of ‘one-day’ taking up knitting or crocheting. (I have done a little knitting – at 13 y/o under Mothers guidance, I knitted a scarf lol)
    My daughter left home for Uni recently and she has asked I make her something. I’ve googled lots in search of some inspiration, ideas & help on where/how to start!
    Finally, I found your articles & patterns…Most of the patterns/ideas I’d come across previously had scared me off in some way lol. Thankfully I can stop searching. After reading through the article, Im feeling confident & ready to have a crack at this. From now on, while I’m on this learning curve I will just stick to with your patterns/instruction 😉 Easy, straight forward instructions. Love that you have a bunch of other art & craft topics as well. I’ll definitely be checking those out too and following you for potential future projects!
    Thanks again <3

    • Hi Laurita! So glad you found this and other patterns easy and useful! I personally like simple blankets that keep my hands busy and don’t need much attention while making. This one cleans up your stash as well and turns out super cute! I hope you enjoy your blanket knitting, have fun!

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