Cute gift idea: A set of Coloring note cards in a pretty envelope

In today’s tutorial, I am sharing a fun handmade gift idea- a set of coloring note cards.

Coloring note cards
Coloring note cards

How to make itI am making this Handmade card set as a gift for a 6 yr old and I think she will have fun coloring the images in and gifting these to her special ones.

See how to make these Coloring note cards by clicking the video box below or To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE

There is something special about receiving a handmade card that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why I always try to include a small card or note when I am gifting something.

A handmade card need not be fancy or over the top. It’s the thoughtfulness that counts more than the perfectness. For me making cards is a fun creative outlet and a way to put in a little bit of extra love into my gift.

I like making handmade cards in bulk, and then gifting a stack of them to someone else. This makes an unique gift,  and they have a notecard set on hand that keeps the giving cycle going…


Because I said this was for a girl, I’m making an over the top big felt bow to attach on top of the box.

coloring note cards

Watch the video tutorial and let me know if this is a gift you would make for someone yourself.

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  1. This is a wonderful gift for anyone! I have a 6 year old niece who would love this type of gift; she’s always doodling & coloring.

    • I have a 6yr old daughter, and I made this for her friend. Now, of course, my daughter wants one for herself too!

  2. Great tutorial. Thank you for showing how to use these duo stencil sets. They are Wonderful!
    This is a VERY Special gift for your daughter’s friend. I can see why your daughter would want one too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a sweet gift! LOVE the pretty flower and the doodled butterfly is darling!
    I love making “coloring books” using my stamps and putting them in a handmade mini book. They are the perfect size to fit in Mom’s purse or the diaper bag and a great way to keep the little ones busy when waiting in line or in the car while running errands.I also enclose a coupon good for 10 more coloring pages so they can refill their book when they have colored all the images in it.I have made a bunch of them and sent them to the local hospital to keep in the Emergency Room waiting room with a note saying that kids are welcome to take them home. I put 3 crayons in a pocket on the cover so they can color right away!

    • Oh that is such a great idea Barb!! I love that you are keeping the coloring pages smaller to fit in purses. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  4. Fun card you design with your paper flower..I like how you did some doodles. That I will like to do on cards for my girls. And for them to make also..And you did a great video..Thanks!

  5. what a clever idea. It will be more fun because you made it for the little girl.
    And I can make a set for myself.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. What a sweet gift idea! Your big flower on the envelope looks darling and will be such a nice gift. Thank you for sharing in the hop with us!

  7. Great card and the video was very well done – I always use washi tape to hold my stencils down. I like the tip to use the Tombow adhesive to hold them together!

    • Thank you Susie! I did talk too fast in the video, that’s what I get for doing the voice over with two kids downstairs, but glad you liked the video!

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