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Welcome to Smiling Colors! Carving out creative time can be difficult with our busy lives, but making art should be easy!

Hi, I’m Smitha! Here on my blog/website, I share easy-to-follow Art Craft Tutorials that will encourage you to pull out your art supplies, get messy, and find your creativity. 12 years ago, as a new mom, I started this blog to document all of my crafty endeavors. I’m a self taught artist, and enjoy creating art that is colorful with a positive vibe. Art is my therapy, and crafting is my happy place. Read more about me

Check out these Art Craft Tutorials that will encourage you to be creative. It’s all about the process of making and getting our hands messy. Let’s make time to spend with our art craft supplies-  pens, paint, glue, or yarn. The process of making is what matters, not the outcome. As a mother I often feel that I don’t have time to be creative- but simply taking a 20-minute make break makes me more positive and fulfilled from inside.  

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