DIY Nightstand Makeover using Chalk Paint

A tutorial showing you Chalk paint furniture before and after with a DIY Nightstand Makeover! Today I am upscaling a garage sale find into something I love!

Today I have a full step-by-step tutorial with a detailed supply list and tons of photos showing you my chalk paint furniture before and after transformation. This is an easy DIY for the home and a great inexpensive way to reuse and redecorate your furniture!


For this Nightstand Makeover you will need- chalk paint, gold or copper leaf, adhesive and sealer for the foil, stencil, wood filler, sander de glosser, scrub, and brushes.chalk paint furniture before and after 

how to paint a night stand

You can easily paint over a nightstand. Here is my step by step tutorial for this DIY Nightstand Makeover. Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful!

chalk paint furniture before and after 

Step 1: I sanded the nightstand down using some Sander deglosser with a scrub. Think of it as removing nail polish- and scrub lightly all over to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere onto.

chalk paint furniture before and after  stenciling on nightstand diy makeover

Step 2: Place stencil on top of the drawer front and position it where you want. The stencil I’m using here is the Roped stencil by Fiskars. Scoop some of the wood filler onto the stencil and smooth all over using an old credit card. I like the texture wood filler gives and it adheres pretty well onto the wood surface. 

chalk paint furniture before and after adding details

Step 3: Lift stencil up carefully in a single upward motion. If you get any of the wood filler where you don’t want it, simply wipe it off with your finger or a paper towel. Repeat for all other drawers. Let dry.

chalk paint furniture before and after 

Step 4: Paint all over the drawers and the nightstand with at least two coats of chalk paint. I’m using Parisian grey color by Folk Art.

TIP: While painting over wood, let that first coat of paint dry for 24 hours. This gives the wood time to absorb the paint thoroughly and prevent future peeling.

The second coat of chalk paint dries really quick and you need just 2 hours of drying time between coats.

For the copper leafing: using a brush carefully apply a thin coat of the adhesive onto just the stenciled raised area. Let dry for a few minutes and then carefully place the copper leaf sheet on top.

chalk paint furniture before and after 
chalk paint furniture before and after 

Step 5: Let the copper leaf adhere and dry for a while. Then carefully brush on top with a dry sponge brush to remove the excess copper leaf. Apply two coats of the sealer on top to protect the leafing. This is my favorite part of this DIY nightstand makeover!

Step 6: I decided to upscale the knobs for this nightstand makeover. I chose to paint them with the same chalk paint. Simply pounce the paint onto the knobs first and then for the second and third coat gently paint. 

chalk paint furniture before and after 

I loved how the knobs looked all painted, but felt that it needed a touch of shine. So I carefully painted the leaf adhesive in the center only and added copper leaf. Finished it off with 3 coats of sealer.

chalk paint furniture before and after painted chalk gold leaf knob

And here is the Before and after nightstand makeover side by side!

chalk paint furniture before and after 

DIY Nightstand Makeover

Ta da! If there ever was a big Ta da for me, this was it! I love the matte grey finish of the table that juxtaposes so well with the shiny copper leaf. I could not be happier with this DIY nightstand makeover and I hope you liked it too. Now I have not one but 4 drawers of my own!

chalk paint furniture before and after 
chalk paint furniture before and after  foiling

This is how the nightstand looks by my bedside. The bags next to it are my trusty knitting bags that have somehow multiplied and become two now 😉 

chalk paint furniture before and after  diy bedroom furniture makeover

See how I use this same stencil on fabric!

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