Free Crochet Basket Pattern Using a Jumbo 7 Yarn

Hello friends! Today I am sharing a Free Crochet Basket Pattern using a Jumbo yarn that is super fun to crochet with. Let me show you how.

I enjoy knitting and crocheting, making simple and easy projects for the home and family. This Free Crochet Basket Pattern came to me as an idea- because I simply loved the grey yarn I had and I’m thrilled at how cozy it turned out.

Smiling Colors Free Crochet Basket Pattern

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pattern for crochet basket YouTube Video:

Crochet along with me in this Easy Crochet Basket YouTube Video where I start with ball of yarn and will walk you through the pattern for crochet basket.

What I’ve used: A Size P 11.5mm hook with the Chenille Home™ Grand Yarn by Loops & Threads® which is a Jumbo 7 yarn.

TIP: Using a smaller hook than what the Yarn calls for makes a denser fabric that makes a great basket!

free crochet basket pattern Tutorial:

Start by crocheting a circle, starting either with a ch 4 or a magic loop. Then increase the stitches each round till you grow your circle to the size you need. Round by round Free Crochet Basket Pattern pdf is can be found at the bottom of this post.

How to crochet a Basket Pattern

I crocheted till I had about a 10 inch wide circle to form the base of the crochet basket. Then we grow the sides of the basket without any more increases.

Crochet Basket DIY

Are Stitch Markers Necessary?

Once you have the circle base established, you want to make sure to maintain the number of stitches. I mistakenly increased a few stitches while making the sides, so using a Stitch Marker helped me so much!

Are Stitch Markers Necessary?

Stitch Marker Substitute

A Stitch Marker is an absolutely key item to keep in a Knitters or Crocheters kit of tools. I have Stitch Markers, but my daughter is using them somewhere to crochet an owl- and instead of wasting time trying to find them- I improvised.

My Stitch Marker Substitute is to use a hair tie/ elastic to mark the start of my round- and it works!

I simply inserted the hair elastic under my stitch, pulled one end through the other and locked it into place. It worked better than I thought it would!

Stitch Marker Substitute Smitha Katti

The sides of this Crochet Basket come together pretty easily. The first round, you crochet in the front loop only, this creates a neat curved edge at the bottom of the basket. Then you simply grow the basket and make it tall, working single crochets. The final row, I like to add a small decrease to make sure the finished crochet basket curves inwards and does not flop outwards.

free crochet basket pattern bulky yarn

I love the texture this yarn created on the basket! So soft and beautiful!

Jumbo crochet basket pattern

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Free Crochet Basket Pattern pdf:

Thank you for stopping by today friends! I personally like a printed pattern, so that I can put away all of my screens and simply follow this pattern for crochet basket. I hope you will enjoy some quiet yarn time this Printable Free Crochet Basket Pattern Pdf. Happy Crocheting!

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