How to Make a Zine: Fold a Sheet of Paper into an Easy Book!

Hello friends! Today let’s learn How to make a Zine from a single sheet of paper! A Zine is like a mini book or booklet that you can make by simply cutting and folding the paper and is super easy!

I have shared so many easy Book Binding techniques on this blog, but today’s How to Make a Zine Tutorial is such a clever take on book making.

A Zine can be made in any size, but the most popular way is to make a booklet with a4 paper. You do not staple, paste or sew anything- you simply fold and cut a basic printer paper and voila you have a book!

How to fold a paper into a book

How to Make a Zine YouTube Video

This is a super simple craft and you can craft along with me in this How to fold a Paper into a Book Youtube Video.

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How to make a zine TutoriaL:

A step by step tutorial explaining How to make 8 page zine!

  1. Hold a piece of 8.5 by 11 inch printer paper with the
  2. Fold in half horizontally and create a crease. Use your finger nail or a bone folder to create a nice sharp crease.
  3. Fold each of edges inwards again to create quarter folds.
  4. When you open the folds, your page should have 4 equal portions.
  5. Now turn the paper 90 degrees and fold the paper in half, this time folding it vertically.
  6. You will now have 8 equal portions visible with the creases.
  7. Fold the paper in half horizontally again (as in step 2) and using a sharp pair of scissors, cut one quarter over the fold.
  8. Open the fold to reveal the cut.
  9. Fold the paper back in half vertically (as in step 5) and insert your finger into the cut out area.
  10. Gently pull out the paper creases of by the paper cut.
  11. Fold and press the creases and you will have automatically created the crease of your book/ zine!
  12. Enjoy filling the pages of your zine with fun photos
how to make a zine1
how to make a zine2
how to make a zine3

Enjoy filling in your zine with doodles, ideas or words. The choice is yours! I hope you found this How to make a Zine tutorial useful friends!

How to fold a paper into a book

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