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How to easily Make your own Flowers with Felt

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Handmade flowers are so pretty and easy to put together and after seeing this tutorial I am sure you are going to make your own flowers today! Maybe make a Mother’s day flower bouquet?

Did you know that you need just felt and hot glue to make your own flowers? Watch the video below to see how I made them..

I am a true visual learner and if you are anything like me you are going to enjoy my video tutorial about these flowers more than any words I could type here.

For so long in my crafty life I used inexpensive craft store felt sheets. But a few months ago I splurged and bought some wool felt online and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! But you can make these flowers with really all kinds of crafty items – any kind of felt, fabric or paper even.

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My challenge this month was to use supplies from my stash only. I had pretty felt on hand but I needed something to create the flower stalks – so I just collected twigs from my garden instead of going out and buying anything new. I love the rustic feel these twigs add to the flowers!

For each flower you will need, a center square and small thin strip, 4 petals from a darker shade of felt and 5 more petals from a lighter shade of felt. I use the Fiskars Amplify Razor edge shears to cut multiple layers of felt at once- and boy does that help speed up the cutting process here. I was able to make 3 flowers and a couple of buds from two 6 by 6 inch sheets of felt.

make your own flowers

After you have made the first few flowers, you go into production mode. The fastest way to make a whole bunch of these flowers? Create an assembly line. I worked with 3 flowers at a time, cut all the felt first and then started adhering them down. I found that I could apply hot glue to upto 4 petals at once and then could adhere all of them before the glue hardened.

Now I didn’t use a template to cut out my felt petals or leaves. I don’t mind if the leaves are a bit wonky, it just makes them uniquely handmade. But if you would like me to create a Flower template pdf that you can download for free and use a guide- Leave me a comment below and if enough of you ask I will make it happen.

Today I am a part of a Monthly Craft Destash challenge- and so I used items from my craft stash only to create these flowers!

And we are all done! Beautiful handmade felt flowers have been made. I love how these flowers turned out and I loved the process of making it!

These flowers on twigs are simple to make and you can make them as colorful as you want. But if you can, try and use a good quality felt- the flowers turn out so luxurious!

If you make your own flowers, what would you use them for? A bouquet? A flower arrangement? Or maybe to decorate something else? Let me know in the comments below!

Here they are on in front of my golden world map art  (Oh, and this is my tutorial showing you how to make this DIY World Map Wall Art )

If you liked this project, chances are you will enjoy this previous project of mine where I put together this DIY Felt Flower Pillow together.

Happy Crafting my friends!




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  1. Pretty flowers and it is the season. I like how you didn’t use a pattern. It makes them more life like. You and I were thinking alike for this month’s Crafty DeStash 🙂

  2. These are so pretty and great for spring time! I could also see myself making flowers and using on bows. 🙂

  3. Your felt flowers are SO lovely! I’m really liking how you glued the little leaves on the twigs for stems. So, so cute.

    1. Smitha

      Those tiny leaves on the twigs are my favorite too!

  4. I love these beautiful felt flowers and such a great tutorial!!

  5. chaudharishreya11

    Love this- so creative!

  6. salmadinani

    This is so pretty! and it would be fun to try!

    1. Smitha

      The girls helped me make these. I would cut the petals, they arranged the assembly line. I would apply the hot glue and they would hand me the correct colored petal. It was fun!

  7. So sweet! Love these to bits! What a great idea for Mothers Day and they last! Thank you for the tutorial 🙂

    1. Smitha

      Thank you for your sweet words! And yes, I love that these flowers will never die!

  8. These flowers are beautiful!

  9. Your ideas are always so fantastic! I love your video tutorial too, I just subscribed 🙂 Your flowers are so trendy, I feel like you’d see these in a high end boutique. Your idea of using the felt flowers in a bridal bouquet is a great one. Pinning!

  10. Beautiful job, I love these flowers! I think a nice bouquet of these would be perfect for my craft room! 🙂

  11. These are so adorable!!! They look really great. I think we all had flowers on the mind with Mother’s Day right around the corner. So many great flower tutorials in this Crafty Destash group.

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