What Is The Best Glue for Felt?

Let’s talk about all of the different ways How to Get Felt to Stick Together. There are many options, and depending on what you need, you will find the Best Glue for Felt in this post

Felt is a such a fun material to craft with, I enjoy sharing felt craft ideas here on my blog. I’ve used a lot of Tombow Adhesives and other brands too and today I’ll show you How to get Felt to stick together!

diy felt succulent

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Best Glue for Sticking Felt to Felt

To adhere felt onto felt, you can use a strong tacky glue, a hot glue gun or a more permanent adhesive like E6000. All of these work!

How to get felt to stick together? I scoured craft stores till I found a glue that looked interesting- the Aleene’s Felt and foam tacky glue. This glue is SUPER thick compared to regular white craft glue.This is the glue for felt I have found. I have tried using other glues but nothing worked as well as this.

Regular PVA glue won’t work, you need this thicker tackier glue.

aleenes felt and foam tacky glue

The trick here though is to apply just enough glue to do the job. If you add too much it seeps into the felt and you will be able to see the glue on the other side even after it dries! If you add too little, the felt won’t stick properly and will fall apart after a few hours.

Here I have Die Cut Felt into a few different shapes and layered them easily with just a dot of the tacky glue.


You do not need to apply the glue to both the felt pieces, just add a drop but make sure press down firmly so the glue is absorbed into the felt.


How to glue felt to wood?

To glue felt to wood, I used the same Aleene’s Felt and foam tacky glue. I adhered all the felt succulents on a wood frame and then tucked the leaves around the edges.

how to get felt to stick together

Does hot glue gun work on felt?

Yes!!! Hot glue is one of my favorite ways to adhere felt together, simply because it is quicker. Sure you need to be close to an electric outlet while crafting, and you need to be careful not to burn your fingers- but hot glue will stick felt together very easily. I’ve used a Hot glue gun in my previous tutorials – How To Make Felt Flowers and DIY Felt Wreath Perfect For Fall

hot glue felt

Does E6000 work on felt?

I have used E6000 Fabric Fuse in my previous How To Make An Unicorn Book Cover Tutorial and yes, it does work! Make sure you buying this Fabric Fuse version . You will need to apply the glue on both of the felt pieces for best adhesion.

How to make an Unicorn book with glue

Best Glue for Felt to Paper:

I use the Tombow Mono Liquid Glue or Aqua glue for felt to paper/ cardboard. Check out these previous tutorials where I have used these glues Felt Strawberry Coaster Tutorial, DIY Felt Faces and Felt Floral Notebook Cover.

Is it better to sew or use glue for felt?

I love sewing felt- it definitely a better long lasting option. But it also very time consuming compared to glueing felt. In most of my crafts, I will reach for hot glue- like in this Pencil Case DIY but I have also used simple stitching for these DIY Felt Coasters and Stuffed Felt Hearts.

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More Felt Glueing Tips:

  • The tacky felt glue is really thick and I found that sometimes it does not come out easily out of the spout. I was scared to press too hard and have too much glue squeeze out and create a mess. So I opted to use a toothpick at times and scoop out the glue onto the felt.
  • This glue would work great for felt stockings, felt flowers, adding felt details to your Halloween costumes, etc. Just keep in mind that the glue, once set, is not washable.
  • If you are unable to find the Aleene’s tacky felt and foam glue near you, here are some other options- A low temp Hot glue gun (too hot and it could melt thin craft felt) or super glue works great.

Thank you, Tammy Tutterow for providing me with the lovely dies for this project!

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  1. I just purchased a felt craft kit and I am going to get this felt glue. This I is my first time working with felt so I appreciate the timely tip. Thanks

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