How To Make A Chunky Knit Pillow

I love the look of large thick knit stitches, and today I’ll show you how to make a quick Chunky Knit Pillow with 3 strands of yarn from your stash. Get the chunky look by knitting with a big needle and multiple strands of yarn held together.

You gotta love a stash buster pattern and this Chunky Knit Pillow fits the bill. As much as we knitters love knitting, we also love collecting, hoarding, buying yarn faster than we can knit with, always with the best intentions and patterns in mind. You can easily mix and match yarns here to create a unique look. If you are like me and cannot have enough throw pillows in your home, check out this Cable Knit Pillow Pattern and T- shirt Yarn Pillow Tutorial too!


Supplies used:

To make these Chunky Knit Pillows I used yarns from my stash with a size 19 knitting needles that make this a super quick project. I didn’t need a whole skein, just about half a skein of each should work for a pillow.

I am knitting with 3 strands of yarn (one strand of each skein- a thick ochre yarn, a blue one, and a strand of twine!) held together as one which results in this fun tweed-like texture and color. Learn more about Knitting With Multiple Strands Of Yarn Easily


You will also need a crochet needle, fabric for the back of the pillows (my fabric is actually the excess I cut off the bottom of our IKEA curtains) and a sharp pair of scissors.

how to make a chunky pillow

I have done this kind of multiple strand knitting before in these Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern,  Bulky knit blanket free pattern and Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern–  but always with two strands of the same color yarn held together. This time I mixed and matched yarns for a unique look.

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Cast on stitches with three different colored yarns held together as one. This time I upped my game and used triple strands and different yarns and one of them is actually just basic twine. I like how the thin white twine breaks up the color in the knit fabric.


Knitting with multiple strands of yarn is a great way to achieve a nice chunky knit stitch. But we don’t need to go out and buy an expensive chunky yarn for that, we are just mixing and matching yarns from our stash itself. If you would like a monochromatic chunky knit pillow simply use all strands of yarn from the same color family.


Knitting the front of the pillow is easy as it uses a basic Stockinette stitch. Cast off when your required length is achieved.


I joined the knit pillow fronts to the back fabric with a row of crochet. This is not the best method I agree, but it worked perfectly for me and was a quick shortcut.


What I did was cut tiny tiny holes about 1/4 inch inside from the edge of the fabric. I cut each hole about 1/2 inch apart and then while joining I inserted the crochet hook into each of these holes as I single-crocheted around.

I was lucky that the fabric I chose did not fray at the cut areas and that is a factor to note while choosing your fabric. Alternately, you can just knit 2 squares per pillow- one for the front and another for the back and join them together to cover the pillow.


chunky knit pillow

And that is how to make a chunky pillow not only looks great but is so soft and pretty to look at. I am a big sucker for large stockinette stitch fabric – and so I knit 3 of these cushion covers. See the image at the top of this post. I used a beige yarn for this pillow, pink yarn for another, and blue yarn for the last pillow.

chunky knit pillow
Chunky Knit Pillow Pattern_free

For a printable version of this Chunky Knit Pillow, simply click on the download button below and it will then open a pdf in a new window browser and you can print directly from there. Or you can then right-click and select “Save as” to save it on your computer.

For personal use only, please credit while sharing or using elsewhere. Thank you.

Click here to download the printable version of this pattern.

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  1. I love this pillow. It looks so soft and comforting. I just want to wrap my arms around it and snuggle.

  2. Love love love ❤ I think this may be my next project. May I ask what kind/type of material you used? Oh, I guess I need to learn the single crochet stitch 😳 Hope it’s not to hard!!

    • Erica single crochet is super easy to learn! Don’t worry! The fabric was leftover from our IKEA curtains, that’s all I remember

  3. I’ve wanted to learn to knit for a while, as well as snag a few new throw pillows – so if I learn, I can kill two birds with one stone!

  4. These look so snugly!! I would love some of these on our sofa! Time to break out the knitting needles I think!

  5. This looks like such a squishable pillow! I love it and the different weights of yarn. I’m pinning for a summer project. Thanks!

  6. This is gorgeous!
    Do you think this is something a brand new knitter could do? Any tips for knitting with multiple strands of yard?
    THANK YOU!!!

    • If you are brand new, try knitting a square with just one strand of yarn first. Once you have that figured out, multi strand knitting will be super easy!

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