How to Make a Easy Cake Banner for Any Occasion!

Today I will show you How to Make a Cake Banner that will turn your regular old cake into something awesome!

Paper crafts are always so much fun. There is so much you can make with just some paper and glue!

DIY Cake Banner

How to Make a Cake Banner

Cake topper

To begin, cut out shapes from cardstock. Triangles, circles, squares would do, but I was itching to use a paper punch.

Then color each shape a bright color. Make a rainbow here, because anything rainbow will always look good!

You want to really saturate the paper with these Dual Brush markers and use the brush tip, it is literally like using a brush.

Fiskars Mason Jar Squeeze Punch

Arrange all the colored shapes in order. I chose rainbow, but you can make yours any color you want.

Trim a long length of twine and have it ready. Now, flip your colored shape and apply adhesive all over it’s back.

Use an extreme permanent type of adhesive, because we don’t want this to fall into the cake.

Tombow Xtreme

Place your twine onto the adhesive laden punched colored piece. (Now that’s a mouthful)

Twine Banner for cake

Place another colored piece on top now, sandwiching the twine between. Press down firmly to secure in place and you should be good.

Repeat until all of the pieces required to spell your words are done.

Now you could, optionally, sew this banner instead. But for me, glueing it is so much faster and easier!

Mason jar Banner

Add glitter alphabets on top to spell you sentiment. Mine spells “Happy Birthday” but you could make a “Mr and Mrs” or ” To the Bride” kinda banner or whatever you fancy.

Add these garlands onto skewers. Your skewers need to be really tall.

Choose a skewer that is longer than you think for your DIY Cake Banner. You can always cut them shorter but alas you can’t make them grow longer.

You might also choose to poke your skewers into your cake and then attach the banners onto the skewers.

Finally add tiny little bows onto the skewers using the Tombow mono multi glue. That glue is good. So strong you will need just a drop or two. Let dry before you use.

Tombow Mono


Ta da! This is what it looks like when it’s done- colorful, glittery, and unique. This simple DIY is a perfect way to personalize your cake with a name as well. Instead of just Happy Birthday, you can say Happy Birthday Susan easily.

DIY Cake Banner Garland

I can totally see this on a wedding cake or any celebration cake. Let me know in the comments below if this is something you think you might make yourself.

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