DIY sweatshirt makeover: How to upscale a plain jacket

This DIY sweatshirt makeover is an easy, inexpensive way to upscale a plain jacket!

diy sweatshirt makeover

Have you ever had an idea stuck in your head?

I remember walking through Target one day and seeing this plain grey jacket. All of a sudden I could see hearts appliqued all over it in my mind. The jacket was two sizes too big for my daughter and was on clearance. Score! Two sizes bigger meant that I would have enough time (and more!) to get this project done. Right?


It then sat in a box for almost 12 months. But in the end, it took me about 2 days to get all the hearts hand-sewn onto the jacket. I love sewing while watching TV so this was a pleasure for me. 

September is National Sewing Month and this has to be one of my all-time favorite sewing projects ever. It’s a good thing this girl has a little sister, that way this jacket will be getting double the love.

DIY sweatshirt makeover

Step by step tutorial showing an easy sweatshirt makeover

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Using the Large and Medium Heart punches, punch hearts from cardstock to create a cutting template

Using the punched shapes as a guide, cut hearts from old T-shirts or old crib sheets using a small Detail Scissor No 4. 

To make cutting the hearts easier, cut out a rough square shape first and then trim out the heart shape.

Cut out the hearts from two different pink fabrics to create more interest to the

Hand sew each heart onto the jacket front. If you wish to machine sew the hearts instead, it might be better to use some kind of interfacing or stabilizer behind the T-shirt fabric.handsewn-hearts-on-a-sweatshirt


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I love how these simple hearts transforms this plain grey garment. All you need are a good pair of scissors, a few old T-shirts, a needle, some thread, and a good TV show to watch while sewing.

What do you guys think of my DIY sweatshirt makeover friends?

diy sweatshirt makeover

Supplies used in this DIY sweatshirt makeover

Old Tshirts or any fabric, cardstock, needle and thread.

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