How to stencil a pillow cover using fabric paints!

An easy Fabric Paint Stencil Tutorial that shows you how to use a stipple paintbrush to get great results! Come play with paint and learn how to stencil a pillow cover

One of my favorite things to do while redecorating my home is to change out the throw pillows. These pillows are an inexpensive way to bring color to your decor. By making your own pillow covers you have the option to choose any color under the rainbow!

how to stencil a pillow cover

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how to stencil a pillow cover

Step by step instructions for stenciling on fabric

Total Time: 30 minutes

Start by placing the stencil on top of the fabric.

Using the stipple brush, pick up a little of the fabric paint, and tap off excess paint.

Make sure to wash your paint brush thoroughly after using a black paint to remove all traces of the dark color.

Using an up-down motion lightly pounce the brush on top of the stencil.fabric-paint-stencil-tutorial1

Make sure that you have covered the entire stencil with paint

Add some drama to your piece, by highlighting a few areas using a contrasting color.

Gently lift the stencil off of the fabric in one upward motion. Let the paint dry for a few minutes. 

Move your stencil onto the next area and line up using the guide marks on the stencil. Repeat above process.fabric-paint-stencil-tutorial2



I would recommend placing a paper or plastic placemat underneath, if you were using a thinner fabric to prevent staining your work surface. . But make sure you remove the paper as soon as you are done stenciling. 


Use your stenciled fabric to make easy pillows to decorate your home! I hope you enjoyed this how to stencil a pillow cover tutorial!

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