5 Color Easy Knit Blanket that is Simple to make

This Easy Knit Blanket is an easy way to learn how to knit blanket. It is simple yet beautiful, makes a snuggly, colorful afghan. Free pattern included.

Mixing and matching yarn skeins to find the perfect combination of colors is my favorite part of knitting blankets. This Easy Knit blanket is very simple- all you need to do are knit and purl. Basic stitches but beautiful results!

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For this Easy Knit Blanket, you will need 10 skeins of a medium-weight 4 yarn, which comes to approximately 1670 yards of yarn.

You can choose to make this a single-colored blanket or if you want to create color blocks as I did- you will need 2 skeins of each color.  I used 11 skeins because I added a new darker-colored fringe at the end.

You will also need a size 13 circular knitting needle to accommodate a large number of stitches.

The yarn I used is the Bernat Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Yarn that is unfortunately discontinued. Some great Yarn substitution options are- Caron Cakes, Bernat Super Value, or Lion Brand Basic Stitch. In general, ANY medium-weight (4) yarn can be used to knit this blanket.



NOTE: The entire blanket is knit holding two strands of yarn held as one (much like my previous Garter stitch blanket pattern

Start by casting on 95 stitches onto circular knitting needles. The circular knitting needles are longer, and can accomadate the larger amount of stitches easily.

The pattern for this blanket goes as follows: {Knit 2 rows. Work in Stockinette stitch for 10 rows} Repeat from {} 2 more times in this color.


Change color after you have 3 of the garter or knit ridges, that is 36 rows.

I changed the color 5 times for a total of 180 rows.  Bind off the blanket loosely.


The finished blanket measures 36 inches by 50 inches. Add a nice luxurious fringe to finish it off.



Click the link below to download the Printable How to Knit Blanket pdf pattern. Please do not resell or claim this pattern to be your own. Thank you and enjoy knitting!

Click here for the printable pattern pdf


Ta da!!! This Easy Knit Blanket is all done and it is super comfy and cuddly. But my favorite part of this blanket/afghan is the colors. The whole journey of standing in the yarn aisle staring at all the colors, choosing the right yarns, selecting a design, the actual therapeutic knitting process to the final finishing touches make for a special blanket indeed.

This is a great pattern to learn how to knit blanket, and create create something tangible.

Easy knit blanket that is colorful and simple to make


I love to use color and made this blanket using 5 different colors. This color block effect looks prettier and modern in style. You can also use just 3 colors or if you are feeling colorful bring in a new color at each ridge. The choice is yours.

This Easy Knit Blanket would look gorgeous in a single solid color too. There is enough texture and design to make it look beautiful!

If you have any other questions about how to knit blanket, leave them in the comments and we can chat!


Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

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  1. Hi Smitha. Love all your afghans. They are so simple, and easy to make, and look fabulous! You motivated me to try one of them. Just wondering what length your needles are?

    • Thank you Irene!! My blankets are nothing unique- just basic knit and purl stitches. But I love choosing the colors! For this blanket I used a 29inch circular needle, though a smaller one might work since this blanket is not very wide. You might find the details in the downloadable pdf 🙂

  2. I’d love to curl up under this beauty to read a book this Winter. I’m so glad you added it to the Bloggertunities Share Thread. I’m sharing it on my Fri. Faves this week.

  3. Hello smitha, I love your projects because they are simple to follow. You also have a good eye for choosing colors! Thank you for the patterns!

    • Thank you Betty! I love color and choosing yarns for a project is my favorite part. I love knitting intricate patterns, but with 2 kids I never get the time to finish them. SO, I choose really easy simple designs these days. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. In my quest to knit a small blanket for my coming grand daughter, I have purchased 3 different size circular needles (sizes 8,9,17) cause I kept changing my mind which blanket to knit. At the last minute I decided to make this one. My question is, could I use size 17 circular needles? I really don’t want to buy yet more needles. How would I go about using different needles. What changes do you recommend.

  5. I love this blanket!!! I’m a beginner see so this is definitely something I can tackle. My questions are, what are the measurements for this blanket and how would you recommend making it bigger? Remember, I’m new so I haven’t conquered the math of knitting yet! Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Angela! This is an easy blanket for sure! I don’t remember how large it is, but I know the numbers are there in the pattern. To make it larger width wise, cast on more stitches in the beginning. To make it larger lengthwise, knit more rows

  6. thanks for sharing this pattern. After knitting the initial first two rows, when i switch to stockinette, does it make a difference if i start with a purl row or a knit row? thanks!

  7. Smitha is their anyother kind of yarn I Can use beside wool or sheepskin yarn I brake out when I use them thank you

  8. I love this and want to try it but I want to use a different yarn (I’m looking for coral). You told someone to go by the guage? How do you know what the guage is? I only see the ounces/grams

  9. Hi Marian! The gauge for this blanket can be found in the printable pattern included. For this blanket you can substitute any medium weight no 4 yarn and get similar results! Hope this helps.

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