Easy Way Of Adding Fringe To Scarves

Whether you love to crochet or knit, scarves make a great portable project! Today I’ll share my favorite easy way of adding fringe to scarves. The fringe adds a high-end finished look to your project and can also bring a pop of color!

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how to make a fringe for a scarf

To make the Fringe- Wind yarn around something that is 6 inches wide. I am using my acrylic square ruler here but you can use anything you have on hand- a book, a binder, a cut-up cardboard box, etc. If you want a longer fringe, wind over an 8-inch block.


Using a sharp pair of long scissors cut the yarn along one edge to create the strands for the fringe. This is a quick way to create a bunch of same-length strands for the fringe.


Below I have a Quick Knit Scarf made in a bold black color and let’s learn to add a fringe to it.

Holding 5 strands of the cut yarn, fold, loop, and pull the loop through the edge of the scarf using a crochet hook or your fingers.

Pull the yarn tails through this loop and tighten. You have now created one fringe.


Repeat this along both the edges of the scarf. The edges of the fringe will not line up perfectly as we make it, but do not worry about that yet.


Carefully lay your scarf and fringe onto a flat surface. Using a pair of sharp scissors carefully trim the fringe edges on the bottom to create a neat even line.

adding fringe to scarves

add fringe to knitted scarf

By following these few steps you can easily add fringe to a scarf of any kind!

Try using different colored yarns to make a rainbow fringe!

fringe scarf

In this Easy Stockinette Stitch Knit Throw, I used a darker green contrast color while adding fringe! Once you learn how easy adding fringe to scarves can be you will start coming up with more ways to use this technique.


Why Should You Add Fringe To A Scarf?

Adding a fringe to scarves can be done for many reasons:

  • This is an easy way to make your handmade scarf look luxurious and high end. It adds a beautiful finishing touch to your scarf.
  • I love adding fringes with a contrasting color! The fringe gives you an opportunity to play with color and bring in a whole new contrasting color to add more beauty and interest to your scarf.
  • How many skeins of yarn do you need for a scarf? Later if you run out of yarn and feel your scarf is not long enough, a fringe is a great way to extend the length by using a different yarn.

And that is how easy adding fringe to scarves can be! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today friends and happy crafting!


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