Painted mason jars: Easy way to add color seasonally

Sharing a quick and easy crafternoon project for you all- these Painted Mason Jars will add a pop of color to your mantle!

Today’s crafty time- let’s make some painted mason jars! I love the colors I chose for these and how pretty they turned out!painted mason jars

Mason Jars are so popular these days- I thought I would try my hand at painting some of them and create some Mason Jar Fall Decor. Boy, it is so much fun to paint these jars! All of those grooves and wordings on the jars add so much texture- and all of the imperfections from your painting add to the homemade feel.

Use chalk paint if you have one to get a nice matte finish. If not any acrylic paint will look great too, but you might need a couple of coats of paint here. If you have the time, sand between your coats of paint to create a greater adhesion



These painted mason jars turned out so much better than how I had imagined them! Get the step by step photo tutorial for these in the article I wrote on the Fiskars website.


I added some dried twigs into these mason jars to bring in the feel of autumn. Make sure that your twigs are dried thoroughly before using them as decoration.

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