T shirt Yarn: Knitting With Size 19 Needle

A Knitted cushion project that shows how to make T shirt Yarn. We all have old T shirts- why not repurpose and reuse them to make something unique?

This is a great Knitting or Crocheting Project that focuses on a simple recycled craft idea. Making a pillow cover is easy and customizable.

t shirt yarn Cutting old T-shirts to make your own yarn

I am totally loving the bold black and white contrast of this Knitted Cushion. I’ve used a leather-like fabric in a brown shade for the back of the cushion. 

October brings its cool weather and I always feel the urge to knit something. To sit by the fire with my loved ones around me, a blanket on my lap, and a good TV show on. This one is the perfect craft for the new #TGIT TV nights.

knitted cushion t shirt yarn

T Shirt Yarn

My love for yarn began as a teenager and has not abated at all! I love collecting pretty textured yarns. But making your own yarn is a whole new idea! That I got to repurpose something that we’ve outgrown is the best part.

But for this project, instead of pulling out new skeins of yarn, I got creative and made my own “yarn” this time. A nice bulky, textured yarn made from old ripped T-shirts.

It is super satisfying to cut up a bunch of old shirts to make your own T shirt yarn!

I am telling you, you need to pull out those shears and try making a knitted cushion yourself!

I ended up using 3 to 4 T shirts to complete this project. The black T shirt had a print on the front, so just used the back portion of it.

I love the grey striped area the most!

T shirt cushion

Once I had prepared my yarn, making this pillow was sweet- because I used a huge, ginormous size 19 knitting needles. These needles make sure that the project gets done within an hour!!

knitted cushion

Okay, so now I know you are curious about how to make this yourself. I share the full step-by-step tutorial for this T shirt Yarn Knitted Cushion on the Fiskars Americas website. Click/Tap here to see the tutorial. 

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  1. I went to the Fiskars link but could not find the instructions to make the T-shirt knit cushion

  2. I am really interested in making this pillow, however went to the recommended site and couldn’t find it. HELP

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