What is Acrylic Paint? 3 Pros and Cons

When it comes to painting, there are many mediums once can choose- watercolors, oil, or acrylics. What is Acrylic Paint? How is it different from other paints? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s explore it all today.

As a beginner, if you are just starting to explore painting, I hope you enjoy my “What is Acrylic Paint?” post. If you have any questions, we can chat in the comment section below.


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What is Acrylic Paint?

When you walk into any Art Craft Store you will you will see two different kinds of Acrylic Paints. These inexpensive paint bottles (as seen below) come in a huge array of colors, are easily usable, do not need any thinning and are great for DIY Crafts.

what is acrylic paint?

When it comes to painting onto a Blank Canvas, reach for these paint tubes like seen below. These paints are slightly thicker, are richer in color, and will dry with a little bit of texture.

Artists Loft paints acrylic paint

What surfaces can you use acrylic paint on?

Acrylic paint can be used on many different surfaces. Painting on paper is the easiest and great way for beginners to explore the medium. Make sure to explore the below three blog posts to learn the benefits of each!

what is acrylic paint

Pros and Cons of using Acrylic Paints

  1. They dry fast: When working with Acrylic Paint, you will have to work a bit quickly as they tend to dry within a few minutes. This can be a con if you want to blend colors in your painting but will be a pro if you are just covering a surface with a solid color as there will be only a little wait time.
  2. They are water-based: Since these paints are water-based, you can easily thin down paint with water, blend colors with water and lastly clean you paint brushes it is simple- just clean them with water.
  3. They can be layered: Once your first layer of paint dries, you can easily layer paint on top to add more details. You can also paint over any mistakes and hide them 😉

acrylic paint Tutorials:

On my blog here you will find many EASY tutorials that will walk you step by step to create art of your own! Check out How to create Scrape Paintings, Paint By Numbers, Brush Stroke Paintings, Painting with a Spoon, Acrylic Pour Painting and my favorite How to paint Easy Flower Paintings! Enjoy 🙂


As a budding artist, I hope you enjoyed learning what is acrylic paint today and are ready to start painting! This is one of the most versatile mediums available that is great to use to create not only colorful art pieces but also for easy crafts at home.

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