Halloween pencil sketch + Free Printable

Hello! I’m back today sharing a fun Halloween Pencil sketch I did and I will walk you through the steps I took to create it. Also, there is a free printable of this at the bottom of this post for you to grab!

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I started my Halloween Pencil sketch, with a blank canvas. That is a blank page in my sketchbook. This one is a Canson XL Mixed Media book. I love the side wire binding!

I started by sketching out my idea with a 6H Mono Drawing pencil (supplies linked below). You could use any H pencil, but I really love how easily I can erase the 6H.


Once I was happy with what I had drawn, I started adding bolder lines and shadows with a 2B pencil.


I’m a pencil gal. I love the feel of graphite on paper. Which do you prefer- pen or pencil?


I add in some more depth and shadows by holding my pencil almost parallel to the paper. This adds really soft areas of graphite onto the paper.


Once I have added shadows with the darker MONO drawing pencils, I like to add highlights by erasing the pencil off of certain areas. The Mono Zero eraser is perfect for this! Yes, that’s an eraser I’m holding in my hand below, not a pen or pencil šŸ‘


And here is a look at the finished sketch! I love drawing flowers, and now I added them to a pumpkin as well!

Halloween pencil sketch
Halloween pencil sketch

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